Spice Girls ‘to perform standalone shows’ as Victoria Beckham says no to tour

Spice Girls 'to perform standalone shows' as Victoria Beckham says no to tour
This lot continues to provoke us with debate rumours (Photo by Ray Burmiston/Photoshot/Getty Images)

In another complement of ‘when will we know what The Spice Girls are up to?’, word on the street is that they will be streamer on the highway – arrange of.

The girls – Mel B, Victoria, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie C – are all mothers with lives – and careers – of their own, so it’s no warn Victoria Beckham poured cold water on the thought of a full on universe debate recently, explaining the logistics are just too much.

But now it’s been reported by The Sun that while the women may not be embarking on a universe debate per se, standalone shows haven’t been ruled out.

Spice Girls 'to perform standalone shows' as Victoria Beckham says no to tour

A sharp source told the publication: ‘Given the family situations, committing to a tiresome mega universe debate was always a tough ask. When they got back together this month to plead reforming, a outrageous debate was discharged by the majority.

‘But behaving together again positively wasn’t, so the thought of personification a few outrageous shows in several cities was one that perceived the many interest.’

They added: ‘However, that’s just one aspect of the quip they’re exploring, with the TV show component their likely priority, generally in the short-term.’

This is good news for fans who are unresolved out for a plain proclamation (seriously, girls, any day now…) as conjecture continues to mount.

Only last week, though, Victoria seemed to lurch the hopes after TMZ formerly claimed they were in the ‘rough planning’ stages.

Victoria told British Vogue: ‘I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour’.

Spice Girls
Dreams were done right here (picture: Spice Girls)

Not killing the dreams as much, Emma aka Baby Spice remained tight-lipped about the specific plans the rope had together, but reliable ‘there’s lots of opportunities for us, generally right now, wanting a bit of girl energy in the world’.

Still, we always have the reunion photo, after the squad collected at Geri Horner’s residence for a locate up and *cough* debate formulation assembly *cough*.

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