Stormzy empathises with Dolly Parton’s pain as he dissects classical strain Jolene

Stormzy empathises with Dolly Parton's pain as he dissects classical strain Jolene
Stormzy wishes Dolly Parton had some-more ‘self-love’ after he called Jolene a ‘lil jezzy’ (Picture: Getty Images)

Stormzy has taken to Twitter to demonstrate his regard for Dolly Parton as he spends his Saturday morning listening to the 1973 hit, Jolene.

The 24-year-old thespian commented on how much pain Dolly must have been feeling while she was essay the tune, and calls Jolene the ‘baddest b to ever walk this planet’.

It has been 45 years given the strain was released, and Stormzy wishes that the country singer had ‘more self-satisfaction and confidence’.

He said: ‘Nah Dolly Parton was spitting some genuine genuine pain on Jolene.

‘And Jolene sounds like she’s the baddest b to ever walk this planet. She is BEGGING Jolene to not take her man you know.

‘Kinda unhappy actually, wish Dolly had some-more self-satisfaction and certainty or the strength to just leave my man cah it ain’t really Jolene’s fault.’

He then goes on to ridicule the impression and calls Jolene a ‘lil jezzy’.

He said: ‘But then again Jolene knows accurately what she’s doing the lil jezzy.’

After a series of responses from his fans, one posted a couple to a video where Dolly Parton explains the strain and says ‘I fought that red headed lady like a furious cat’.

Stormzy shared this showing his pleasure that Dolly fought for her man and got to keep him.

He said: ‘Omg so she pulled up on Jolene and fucked her up this is a tract twist.’

People were positively amatory Stormzy’s low dive into the tune, and we have to determine – will someone get this man a full-time reviewing job?

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