Stormzy saw a ask to perform at a fan’s father’s wake – and he actually did it

Stormzy saw a ask to perform at a fan's father's wake - and he actually did it
Stormzy helped out a fan whose father upheld divided (Picture: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Stormzy is famous as one of the nicest guys in music – and his latest kind gesticulate proves it.

The soil star has sang at the wake of a fan’s father after replying to a ask on Twitter.

Nas Bockarie’s father died on 8 Dec at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, the same day of Nas’s graduation.

Days after his father’s death, the delegate school PE teacher tweeted at Stormzy in respond to a video of his strain Blinded By Your Grace.

Nas wrote: ‘Bro my Dad upheld divided on the day of my graduation last week Friday. Our favourite strain of yours was blinded by your grace.

‘Would adore it if you could preform this at his wake next Thursday 21st December. Don’t worry if you can’t, we just suspicion I’d try my fitness [sic].’

But to Nas’s shock, Stormzy replied: ‘Follow me so we can dm ya.’

Nas responded: ‘All finished bro! I’m actually speechless, regard God for humanity.’

And certain enough, a week later, Stormzy – genuine name Michael Omari – sang at Nas’s father’s funeral.

One of Nas’s friends, Deji, tweeted a picture of the 24-year-old rapper singing in front of a picture of Mr Bockarie.

He tweeted: ‘Massive honour for @Stormzy1 for for this…God Bless You.’

Fans praised Stormzy for his kind gesture, with one person tweeting: ‘This man is actually one of the many extraordinary people alive. What a hero! God magnify you Stormzy and adore to you and yours.’

Another wrote: ‘Massive props to @Stormzy1 God will prerogative accordingly’, while others called the gesticulate ‘beautiful’.

Stormzy, we extol you. has contacted Nas for comment.

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