Vicky Cornell Describes Final Night and Conversation with Husband Chris Cornell: ‘You Don’t Sound Right, Sweetheart’

Vicky Cornell has come brazen with some-more sum about her meaningful final review with her late husband, Chris Cornell. Within the hour before his physique was found unresolved in his hotel room in Detroit after a opening with his rope Soundgarden at the Fox Theater, Chis and Vicky had a review over the phone where something was clearly not right.

Through TMZ who expelled the story, new information has also emerged that when Chris’ physique was found he had fresh lane marks on his arm indicating he competence have been holding drugs.

The tragedy began for Vicky when she started seeing the lights in the family home started to crack on and off. Chris could control the lights from his phone, so she called him. Though Chris replied that he hadn’t been messing with the lights now, he pronounced that he had been an hour ago. This stood out to Vicky, as an hour ago he was still behaving with Soundgarden. At this indicate Vicky started to notice Chris was slurring his words.

“I blew my voice. we blew my voice,” Chris started observant of the concert, angry that his group blew it up by not regulating his in-ears.

“You don’t sound right, sweetheart,” Vicky replied, after which Chris mentioned that he had taken two Ativan pills, a drug which has relaxing effects and reduces anxiety. “I need to know what you took. It doesn’t sound like 2 Ativan. It sounds like you took something else,” Vicky said. “You need to tell me now what you took. we pardon you.”

Chris’ tinge started to change at this point, allegedly branch arrogant, which invoked a memory Vicky had about Chris from 14 years back when he was dependant to drugs.

After Chris changed the subject again, Vicky finished the review and called on his bodyguard to check up on him. The bodyguard had to hit down one of Chris’ hotel doors, but was struggling to get by the lavatory doorway to strech him. Vicky then called the hotel with a second phone, where she told them that he was having a heart attack and they indispensable to open the door. She was still on the phone with Chris’ bodyguard when he finally knocked down the second doorway and found his unresolved physique with the fresh lane marks.

Vicky reportedly hanged up with Chris just 30 mins before he was found by the bodyguard.

Fans opposite social media are still anguish Chris’ death. In further to shared prayers and thoughts, fans have done his name a trending subject as some-more sum continue to emerge.  

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