Nick Gordon’s ex-girlfriend drops charges in domestic abuse case

Nick Gordon won’t be confronting charges after he was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend.

Gordon, 28 — who was found legally obliged for the death of late partner Bobbi Kristina Brown — will no longer face charge for battering his new fire Laura Leal in a sceptical fury back in June.

Leal reportedly forsaken the charge of misconduct attack and battery after having turn “unhappy” with the probity system’s process, according to the Daily Mail.

She also reportedly wrote a minute to the judge that featured “statements that indicated serve or opposing accounts of the strange incident,” the Mail reported.

Nick Gordon postulated $15,500 bond after domestic attack detain

In a police report from the incident, Gordon was pronounced to have incited aroused after accusing Leal of trying to “hook up” with one of his friends and regularly hit and punched her in the face and the back of the conduct over the march of several hours.

“Gordon became dissapoint and violent, punching and attack her and refusing to let her leave,” the report says.

Officers reported that she had injuries to her arms and face, which she after showed in pictures.

Laura Leal forsaken charges against Nick Gordon, who she accused of punching and beating her back in June.


The occurrence happened a couple of months after Gordon was systematic to compensate $36 million to Brown’s family for her prejudicial death.

Nick Gordon hit with domestic battery charges in Florida

Leal, 26, told the Daily Mail at the time of the purported domestic attack that she was “physically shaking” after reading reports about Bobbi Kristina, who was the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

“I review about her being isolated, her family not meaningful where she was, the manipulation, the bullying — it’s the accurate same thing,” Leal said.

“That could have been me. Only the Grace of God saved me.”

Gordon was systematic to anger government classes, which he has given completed, according to the Atlanta Constitution Journal.

Brown died in Jul 2015 at age 22 following a months-long coma after she was found face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home. Gordon and a crony were the ones who detected her in the bathtub.

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