Nick Gordon’s new detain will be justification in Bobbi Kristina case

Authorities in Georgia contend they will consider Nick Gordon’s weekend arrest for purported domestic battery as justification in their onging review into his ex-fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death in 2015.

Gordon was arrested in Florida on Saturday for allegedly beating his stream girlfriend, Laura Leal — and the Fulton County District Attorney says he’ll consider the new charges as partial of the inspect into Brown’s drug-related death, TMZ first reported.

“It goes but observant that the detain of Nick Gordon in the Florida domestic attack case will positively supplement an additional covering of justification to the final fortitude of this matter,” the DA pronounced in a statement.

Brown, who was 22, was detected face down and nonchalant in a bathtub filled with water in her Georgia home in Jan 2015. She remained in a coma for 6 months until her death that July.

Nick Gordon postulated $15,500 bond after domestic attack detain

Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unrespsonive in a Georgia home.

An autopsy suggested she had mixed drugs in her complement when she was found, but investigators were incompetent to interpretation either her death was a homicide, an collision or suicide.

Gordon, who was intent to Brown at the time, stays a person of seductiveness in the case, according to TMZ. He was systematic by an Atlanta judge to compensate $36 million to her estate last Nov for her prejudicial death in a lawsuit filed in 2015 by Brown’s estate.

It’s misleading how a prosecutor would use Gordon’s detain as justification during the apart Bobbi Kristina case, but it could be brought up if Gordon were to advise in his testimony that he’s not a aroused person, a rapist profession told the Daily News.

Gordon was arrested in Florida on Saturday.

Gordon was arrested in Florida on Saturday.

(Sanford Police Department/AP)

“Sometimes you can use the evidence, if it is evidence, to cranky inspect the person to plead their testimony,” pronounced Jeffrey Emdin. 

Nick Gordon hit with domestic battery charges in Florida

Gordon has confirmed his ignorance via the Bobbi Kristina case. He was banned by her family from attending her wake in 2015.

Brown was the only daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

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