O.J. Simpson’s partner in crime says a film is on the way

It’s The Juice — partial deux.

O.J. Simpson has been in jail for scarcely a decade, nonetheless the ashamed actor, contestant and crook stays a prohibited party property.

Following on the heels of the FX hit “The People v.s. O.J. Simpson,” Tom Riccio, the man who aided Simpson in the armed spoliation of a memorabilia play in 2007, is making a film about the unsuccessful hop that landed the football star in prison.

“My book is now being incited into a screenplay with a perspective of it being a TV series on a network or film,” says Riccio, speaking about his 2008 book “Busted!” “There has been a lot of seductiveness from producers and studios about bettering that story into something with all that has happened in the last couple of years.”

Could O.J. Simpson Go From Inmate to Reality TV Star?

Thomas Riccio testified during O.J. Simpson’s 2008 hearing in Las Vegas. He’s trying to make a film or TV show about his experience.

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In “Busted!” Riccio recalls the Sep day when he, Simpson and a handful of accomplices stormed into another collector’s room in the Nevada Palace Station hotel and stole sports memorabilia that Simpson claimed belonged to him. The former football star was arrested two days after and condemned to 33 years in prison. He’s up for release on Jul 20 and could be liberated as early as Oct. 1.

“The success of the Travolta show (“The People v.s. O.J. Simpson”), valid that anything about O.J. is just enthralling observation — and this story is no different,” Riccio told us from his L.A. home by phone. “My story is just as crazy as the other show. A amiable fight incited into a abduction and an armed spoliation heading to him being in prison.”

Riccio himself has a rapist story that could make for a mini-series. The Smoking Gun first reported in 2007 that he’d been convicted of 4 felonies and spent eight years in jail before hooking up with The Juice.

Revisiting the OJ Simpson hearing 20 years later.

“The case and players around O.J.’s self-assurance is so intriguing,” he said. “I feel there is adequate tone to make a genuine hit.”

O.J. Simpson to get another shot at release

Ideally, Riccio says he’d like to see Denzel Washington play Simpson while Vince Vaughn portrays him.

Riccio isn’t betting on possibly Simpson will be postulated parole.

“It’s 50/50 on him being released,” he said. “It will not startle me possibly way what happens next.”

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