Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marriage is the hum in Belgrade

The speak at this stately marriage was all about “The” Royal wedding.

“The hum at the Royal marriage of Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Prince Philip of Serbia to commoner Danica Marinkovic at the White Palace in Belgrade was that Prince Harry would announce his rendezvous to Meghan Markle during the holidays,” according to a source at last weekend’s union, where celebrations last 3 days.

Rumors that Harry and Markle would marry started popping up online Wednesday, with Us Weekly stating that the rendezvous has already happened and the proclamation would come “soon.”

“There were two dozen royals at the marriage and the hum was about ‘who’s next,’” we’re told.

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Markle, who stars on the USA Network program “Suits,” is slated to wrap-up filming in November. While she and Harry did not attend Prince Philip and Marinkovic’s jubilee in Serbia, royals including Queen Sophia of Spain attended the grand fete, which was hosted by the groom’s father, Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia.

One of the 800 guest in assemblage called it a “fairy story wedding” that was suggestive of one very famous 2011 British wedding.

The universe watched when Britain's Prince William done Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

The universe watched when Britain’s Prince William done Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

(Tom Hevezi/AP)

“It remade the pleasing bride from a commoner into a Princess in the same way Kate Middleton became a stately when she married Prince William,” we’re told. Also in assemblage was general transport blogger Valerie Jour, who famously doesn’t show her face on her renouned Instagram feed, but that didn’t stop guest from noticing her.

“She showed her face to the royals,” we’re told.

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The newlyweds left on Monday for their honeymoon in Greece.

Now a mother-in-law, Princess Katherine will come to the city to horde a advantage at Le Cirque on Oct. 25 for her gift Lifeline New York which supports Serbian orphans and provides medical apparatus to hospitals.


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