S Club 7’s Paul puts his Brit Award on eBay

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole has listed his 2000 Best Newcomer Brit Award on eBay and it’s picking up interest.

He’s also offering a meet and greet, with photo, depending on how distant divided the leader lives.

The object is described “very good” condition but mentions there are “signs of age”.

Two years ago Abz from 5ive listed his Best Newcomer Pop Act endowment from 2005 and it finished on some-more than £1m.

“It hasn’t been professionally polished, there are smudges that won’t come out but a pro polish,” Paul adds in the description.

S Club 7 were combined by ex-Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller after auditioning thousands of hopefuls.

Miami 7

They became famous primarily for Miami 7, a children’s sitcom in which they all changed to America to try and turn famous.

Bring It All Back, their first single, was the thesis strain to the show and kick started their cocktail music career.

A year after they won the Best British Newcomer at the Brit Awards.

There’s given been reunions of varying levels, but zero seems to have stuck.

S Club 7 in 2014

Fast brazen to 2017 and it’s probable to bid for Paul’s award.

So how much is it worth?

At the moment of essay this essay it was sitting at £9,200 – but there are still 4 days left on the auction.

A orator for the BPI, the people behind the Brits, says its value is influenced by a lot of opposite things.

“I would contend it depends reduction on the value of the interest and birthright of a Brit Award, and some-more on the interest of the artist.

“And how much of a clinging fan bottom they have.”

“If a David Bowie or Madonna endowment were to somehow come on the marketplace you’d pretty design it to go for much some-more than contend one for S Club 7 – no corruption to S Club!” says the BPI.

And he pronounced they’ve turn much some-more collectable given big named designers have been concerned in what they demeanour like.

So nobody knows how much it’s worth – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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