Sirius XM announces Beatles channel

NEW YORK — Beatles fans were treated to the mythological band’s attainment on streaming services in 2015, and shortly they’ll be means to listen to the Beatles all day on satellite radio — and it won’t be just music. 

SiriusXM satellite radio pronounced Tuesday it will entrance a channel clinging to the Beatles after this month, achieving a long-sought dream to prominence the music of the cocktail legends.

The Beatles Channel launches May 18, a week before the band’s newest archival plan is released: a box set keyed to the 50th anniversary of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Backed by the band, the channel will underline music from the Beatles, its members’ solo projects and artists who shabby them. Its apartment of programs will embody “My Fab Four,” where other musicians and celebrities speak about their favorite Beatles songs.

“I still remember the disturb of when we first listened the music on the radio, but we don’t consider any of us would have illusory that we’d have the very own Beatles radio channel some-more than 50 years later,” pronounced Paul McCartney, with Ringo Starr one of the two flourishing Beatles. “The SiriusXM channel will have it all, eight days a week.”

SiriusXM has some-more than a dozen channels branded to specific artists, including Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Kenny Chesney, Pitbull and Tom Petty.

The Beatles remained the Holy Grail, and SiriusXM President and arch calm officer Scott Greenstein pronounced he done his seductiveness plain with the band’s government years ago. But it was a ethereal subject; both McCartney and Starr sojourn active musicians and have worked with Sirius, and he didn’t wish them meditative the satellite network was only meddlesome in their past.

But, he said, “The moment came, and you can rest positive that when the moment came, we pacifist right in.”

Similarly, the rope and its government were mild once the decision was done that the time was right, he said. Plenty of archival element was done available, including interviews where Beatles had talked about specific songs, many of them listened once or twice before and forgotten.

“It will be a channel that will sound shockingly stream and alive, not a retrospective jukebox,” Greenstein said.

Veteran music author Bill Flanagan will have a major role on the network, hosting a live weekly call-in turn list with broadcaster Dennis Elsas, and a second show formed on themes that tell the story of the band. The network will have a weekly “Magical Mini Concert” featuring live music available by the rope and its solo members.

On Jun 1, the network will play the newly remixed “Sgt. Pepper” manuscript on the 50th anniversary of its release, with explanation from the late writer George Martin and his son, Giles, who was obliged for putting the new box set together.

SiriusXM will also use the new channel for a membership drive, charity free listening to people with dead satellite radios from May 17 to May 30.

The network’s entrance on SiriusXM channel 18 will come at 9:09 a.m. Eastern (for the Beatles strain “One After 909,” remember?)

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