Steven Spielberg Recalls Coming To Blows With E.T. On Film Set

LOS ANGELES—Saying it was by distant the many upsetting directing knowledge of his career, Steven Spielberg removed Monday coming to blows with E.T. on the set of the 1982 film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. “I know a lot of people adore the film and adore E.T., but operative with him almost killed me,” pronounced Spielberg, adding that the film’s star was “an comprehensive nightmare” from the first day of production, refusing to take direction, changing lines at random, and pushing several of the movie’s child actors to tears with his indeterminate and mostly vicious outbursts. “We only churned it up physically once or twice, but having to understanding with his megalomania is the whole reason I’ve only worked with CGI aliens given then. Seriously, the day he finally got back on his spaceship and left Hollywood perpetually was the happiest of my life.” Spielberg went on to contend that, in contrariety to his practice with E.T., he jumped at the possibility to film a supplement with the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, with whom he stays close to this day.

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