Taylor Swift testifies ex-DJ ‘latched’ onto her backside

Taylor Swift vehemently testified that ex-radio DJ David Mueller reached underneath her skirt, grabbed her unclothed backside and refused to let go during a Denver meet-and-greet 4 years ago.

“He stayed latched onto my unclothed a– impertinence as we lurched divided from him, “Swift told the jury in a Denver courtroom Thursday.

Swift, 27, charged that she primarily insincere Mueller had incorrectly placed his palm on her back end, but fast dynamic it was intentional.

“It was a transparent grab,” she said. “A very prolonged grab.”

Taylor Swift’s mom accuses DJ in justice of fondling the cocktail star

This photo was taken of David Mueller and Taylor Swift in 2013.

This photo was taken of David Mueller and Taylor Swift in 2013.


Swift’s testimony – which came on the fourth day of the conference – noted the first time the cocktail luminary has taken the mount during the rarely publicized groping case. She was the first person to be called during Thursday’s hearing, and she began her testimony a little after 8:50 a.m. internal time.

Swift, who was charcterised via her testimony, spent about an hour on the mount and spoke with certainty about what transpired during her brief 2013 confront with Mueller, who has confirmed his innocence.

COLOGNE, GERMANY - JUNE 19:  Taylor Swift performs during 'The 1989 World Tour' night 1 at Lanxess Arena on Jun 19, 2015 in Cologne, Germany.  (Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images for TAS)

“He did not hold my ribs. He did not hold my arm. He did not hold my hand,” Swift told the courtroom. “He grabbed my unclothed a–.”

She combined that there’s no doubt in her mind that Mueller, 55, is the one who groped her, saying, “I could have picked him out of a line of a thousand.”

Ex-DJ in Taylor Swift conference says he may have overwhelmed her ribs


Swift was charcterised via her testimony and spoke with certainty about what transpired during her “horrifying” confront with Mueller in 2013.

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The purported 2013 occurrence occurred while Swift was conducting a photo eventuality with fans before a unison at Denver’s Pepsi Center. The photo Swift took with Mueller has given emerged to show the former DJ reaching behind Swift’s backside, yet it does not show either he done hit with the singer.

Mueller’s girlfriend, Shannon Mercher, also posed for the picture with them.

Swift pronounced she continued to take photos with others at the eventuality after her confront with Mueller since she didn’t wish to hurt their experiences, and didn’t wish people to overhear what happened.

But she done it transparent the occurrence left her rattled, revelation the courtroom Thursday that she only told Mueller and Melcher, “thank you for coming,” in a monotone voice afterward.

Taylor Swift appears in justice for jury preference in groping case


“It’s a degrading knowledge to be accused of something that despicable,” Mueller told the court.

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When Mueller’s attorney, Gabriel McFarland, asked Swift because the front of her dress isn’t stormy in the picture, the thespian replied matter-of-factly: “Because my donkey is located on the back of my body.”

Her testimony comes a day after her mother, Andrea Swift, forked at Mueller in the courtroom, looked him in his eyes and accused him of groping her daughter.

“I listened it from my daughter’s mouth. we do not have to ask anyone else,” she testified Wednesday.

Mueller, meanwhile, contended during his testimony Tuesday that he never overwhelmed Swift inappropriately, and may have done hit with her ribs or ribcage.

An explainer of Taylor Swift’s authorised battle against Denver DJ


A blueprint of Taylor Swift and her attorneys in Denver Federal Court.


“It’s a degrading knowledge to be accused of something that despicable,” Mueller told the court.

Mueller lost his pursuit as an on-air celebrity at the Denver radio hire KYGO in 2013 shortly after Swift’s groping allegations emerged. He sued the cocktail star in 2015 for costing him his job, and is seeking $3 million in damages.

Swift countersued, alleging passionate assault, and is seeking just $1 dollar.

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