The films of horror master John Carpenter

Carpenter used a gliding Steadicam not just for point-of-view shots but also in ubiquitous just to pierce with the characters. “I adore moving camera as a director. And the problem with moving camera is that you have to set up these tracks, and it takes a while to set ’em up. Then you have to turn it, then they have rehearse. It takes a prolonged time to get a tracking shot. With that Steadicam, you just whip it on the operator, go, and he’s off following the actors.”

“So in some ways that whole scary indicate of perspective demeanour by the facade was really a matter of necessity?” asked Cowan.

“That’s correct. And the Steadicam had a little bit of lean in those days, so there’s just a little bit of sailing back and onward — combined a little touch. Lucky!”

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