The "financial trail" behind Harvey Weinstein’s purported harassment

Hollywood film noble Harvey Weinstein is holding a leave of deficiency from his studio after several women purported he sexually tormented them.

Actress Ashley Judd told the New York Times about an purported occurrence in Weinstein’s hotel room scarcely 20 years ago where she claims Weinstein, in a bathrobe, asked to “give her a massage” or “watch him shower.” Judd told the Times, “I pronounced no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask.”

The paper also reports Weinstein reached at slightest eight settlements, in amounts up to $150,000 each, with women who purported crude conduct. 

In a matter to the Times, Weinstein said, “I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the manners about function and workplaces were different. That was the enlightenment then. we have given schooled it’s not an excuse. … we conclude the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and we unequivocally apologize for it.” He pronounced the leave of deficiency would concede him to “deal with this issue conduct on.”

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However, Weinstein’s counsel took issue with the Times’ story and pronounced they are scheming a lawsuit against the paper. Attorney Charles J. Harder told CBS News, “The New York Times published…a story that is jam-packed with fake and insulting statements about Harvey Weinstein. … We sent the Times the contribution and evidence, but they abandoned it and rushed to publish.”

Weinstein pronounced in an talk Thursday with the New York Post, “I bear shortcoming for my actions, but the reason we am suing is since of The Times’ inability to be honest with me, and their forward reporting.”

New York Times match and CBS News writer Jodi Kantor spent 4 months questioning this story with her co-worker Megan Twohey. Kantor assimilated “CBS This Morning” to plead because the “pattern” of abuse allegations stood out to her; Weinstein’s response to the allegations; and how settlements play a role in gripping nuisance allegations under wraps. 

“We spoke to women from many opposite places, many opposite ages. Most of them did not know one another. This was a 25-year time span. And nonetheless so many of the women had identical stories. For example, there’s – there are allegations in the story about a immature assistant, Laura Madden, being asked to arrange of sell massages with Harvey Weinstein in a hotel in Dublin in 1991. There’s another set of allegations in the story about an partner being forced to give him a exposed massage in a hotel room in Los Angeles in 2015. Two opposite places in the world, two opposite women who don’t know any other whatsoever, and nonetheless the allotment is so similar,” Kantor said.

The film producer’s high form and measureless success have many wondering how he was means to enjoy such open commend even as decades of allegations piled up. Kantor says partial of the answer to that lies in the authorised settlements.

“There is a authorised and financial route to these allegations,” she said. “Often when a lady feels that she’s been sexually harassed, the way it’s resolved is a allotment is reached. The lady gets some financial recompense. However, the thing that is a little some-more concerning is the women have to sign confidentiality agreements observant that they won’t tell anybody what happened,” she said.

Another doubt lifted by the allegations is, who knew about this? Kantor pronounced by interviews with dozens of former Miramax and Weinstein Company employees, she schooled that a lot of people were aware.

“They knew that something was wrong in the workplace. Either they were purported victims themselves or knew stories from colleagues or had witnessed things and then others pronounced they had this deceptive arrange of half-knowledge of something was not utterly right. The series of them who pronounced they did anything was very small. So we consider the doubt is who stable the women and who stable Harvey Weinstein?” 

Kantor addressed the matter from Weinstein’s counsel alleging the Times abandoned “facts and evidence” that were provided ahead of publication.

“The story relies on a lot of support on the record, names of women, dates of incidents, and remember that one of the sources was inner company records. We were means to find out some of these allegations were documented inside the companies and nonetheless never shared with the open and arguably never addressed that well. As distant as the interactions with them, they knew the story was coming for months. We shared the allegations in the story with them before announcement and they had a possibility to residence them and we mount by the correctness and integrity of the reporting,” she said.   

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