15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don’t see on TV

15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don't see on TV
Just what goes on divided from the Loose Women cameras? (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

Let’s face it – the daytime TV observation wouldn’t be the same but a bit of Loose Women.

The show’s turn one of the staples of the ITV report given it done its entrance back in Sep 1999 – now interesting us all on a daily basement with the likes of Katie Price, Stacey Solomon, Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan as unchanging panellists.

But while we all know what goes on in front of the cameras on the show, just what’s happening behind the scenes?

We took a outing to the show and here’s what we learned…

1 Unsurprisingly, the show is filmed at ITV studios – but what we didn’t know was that it’s in the same studio as Lorraine, definition the prolongation organisation have to work quick any day to modify the studio from Lorraine to Loose.

2 There are two prolongation meetings daily forward of the show – one first thing in the morning for one hour, and another closer to delivery time which can even go on as late as 5 mins before airtime.

15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don't see on TV
Recognise the immature room everybody? Not very immature yet (Picture: Caroline Westbrook/Metro)

3 There is an tangible organisation member whose pursuit it is to check that all the mugs belonging to that day’s presenters (they all have their names on, remember) are in the right place, so everybody gets the mop that belongs to them.

4 Have you ever beheld that Stacey Solomon has a series created on her palm when she’s on the show? Want to know what that is? Well, there’s a elementary reason – it’s the code series for her sauce room.

5 And speaking of mugs, approbation they do get broken from time to time – nonetheless Stacey Solomon maintains she’s never had that problem. I’ve never broken one, you’re not allowed to take them home!’ she tells us. ‘I tried – nonetheless we did steal one when we was first guest panel, maybe that’s since they didn’t ask me back for a while!’

15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don't see on TV
There’s no necessity of sauce bedrooms (Picture: Caroline Westbrook/Metro)

6 The social organisation are obliged for putting out the check every morning which has its results on the show – and it can be about anything at all, from stream affairs to something distant some-more trivial. And in case you’re wondering, they get thousands of comments on the show around social media every day.

7 Where do they get their ideas for guests? Well the show has a guest booker who’s meditative months forward for all those celebs that seem on the programme – nonetheless apparently newsworthy people will be snapped up distant closer to the date of their appearance.

15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don't see on TV
If you’re a guest on Loose Women you’ll have your sketch taken here before you seem on the show (Picture: Caroline Westbrook/Metro)

8 And by the way, it’s a limit of one or two guest per show.

9 The studio is a lot smaller than it looks – definition that the studio assembly is also flattering tiny.

10 The atmosphere backstage is very laid-back indeed – no raging rushing about or panic, but a ubiquitous clarity of ease and order. And if you’re propitious you competence just see the peculiar luminary guest from This Morning pass by.

15 things that occur behind the scenes at Loose Women which you don't see on TV
We benefaction Loose Women now fundamentally (Picture: Caroline Westbrook/Metro)

11 One thing you don’t get to see on TV is the Loose Women ‘height wall’ – a widen of wall at the back of the studio where celeb guest sign their name according to their height. We’re not allowed to show you the wall, unfortunately, but we had a good demeanour at it and we can endorse that The Chase’s Mark Labbett competence just be the tallest person who’s ever stood up against it (he’s positively up there, anyway).

12 While you lot are examination adverts, the studio assembly gets to actually association with the presenters – which on the day we were there concerned Stacey Solomon walking turn to be smelt, following her revelation an mania with her physique odour.

13 As good as a prolongation assembly the presenters also attend the morning – and as Stacey points out it can get ‘a little exhilarated in there’. We don’t doubt it.

14 That backdrop you see guest photographed in front of? That’s a lot smaller than it looks too, and it’s located to the side of the studio.

15 And yes, there is a Loose Women Whatsapp organisation since they really all are that close, as Stacey told us: ‘We’re all on a Whatsapp organisation and we went on little trips – we went on a sauna mangle last year. Every eventuality we go to we all meet up first and we go together. We’re genuine friends – I’ve got tangible friends!’

Loose Women front weekdays on ITV at 12.30am – while the show is also nominated in the best daytime difficulty at the National TV Awards, which take place on Jan 23 at the O2 Arena.

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