Andrew Brady sucks associate CBB housemate Rachel Johnson’s toes during foot massage

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Things just got a little bit too close for comfort between CBB housemates Rachel Johnson and Andrew Brady – leading, utterly literally, to a foot-in-mouth moment.

Because what started out as a elementary foot massage went next turn when The Apprentice star motionless what the publisher indispensable was some toe-sucking action.

We can’t even.

The moment in doubt saw Andrew rubbing Rachel’s tootsies as he cheekily quipped:  ‘I’m gonna get tough though’ (in anxiety to the massage you filthy-minded lot).

But as Rachel – who was blindfolded at the time – complimented Andrew on his technique, he kept melancholy to give her foot a mark of tongue movement as he told the others: ‘I’m gonna lick it like a lollipop.’

And then he finally went for it. And no, we can never unsee this.

Andrew Brady sucks associate CBB housemate Rachel Johnson's toes during foot massage
Good grief. (Picture: Channel 5)

In integrity we weren’t the only ones a little taken aback – with Shane Lynch also looking a bit shocked, while Rachel told Andrew: ‘Stop it,’ as he detonate out laughing.

Although he did get his comeuppance just seconds after when he leaned retrograde – and soon hit his conduct on the nearest table.

Payback, Andrew. Payback.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Sunday night on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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