Black Lightning’s Nafessa Williams Talks About Playing The First Black Lesbian Superhero On TV

Nafessa Williams is respected to be personification a lesbian superhero in Black Lightning and hopes that her impression will enthuse others to be assured in who they are.

Anissa Pierce aka Thunder

In Black Lightning, Williams plays the role of Anissa Pierce, the daughter of the suggested hero, portrayed by Cress Williams. Anissa is a medical tyro and a high school teacher, who recently detected that she too has superpowers like her father. Taking on the superhero pseudonym as Thunder, Anissa helps say the assent in a village run by gangsters.

Williams described her impression as a powerful, bold, and strong. She called it a extensive respect to play TV’s first black lesbian superhero and hoped to see some-more in the future.


With illustration and farrago apropos a poignant concentration in today’s media party — quite the inclusion of the LGBTQ village — Williams is not holding her role lightly.

“Representation is necessary, and we all wish to spin on the TV and see characters who demeanour like us and represent us in some way. we wish people to be desirous by Anissa to walk resolutely in their skin and feel assured in doing so,” Williams said in an talk with ESPN.

The 28-year-old American singer voiced the same enterprise when asked about her lesbian superhero role in Black Lightning in a apart interview. Williams, who also seemed in Survivor’s Remorse, certified that she does not feel any vigour with the role.

Instead, she feels desirous to motivate others to accept who they are and be some-more assured with themselves. She also hopes that Black Lightning will offer as in impulse for families to accept their children regardless of their passionate preference.

“My wish is that when you watch Anissa, a immature lesbian is desirous to walk resolutely as who she is and to adore herself and to adore herself accurately how she looks. Also my relatives on this show, they’re very understanding of my passionate preference, and maybe this can offer as an impulse to relatives at home examination who are traffic with a child who is happy or lesbian and not meaningful how to promulgate or be as open,” Williams told Entertainment Weekly.

Playing the role of a superhero in Black Lightning is also romantic for Williams. She certified that she cried when she first matched up as Thunder. The fact that she is going to be a superhero for immature black girls overwhelmed her.

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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