Cable Girls: because you should be examination the fantastically feminist 1920s Netflix drama

Cable Girls: because you should be examination the 1920s Netflix drama
(Picture: Netflix)

The second series of Cable Girls is now on Netflix and, for many viewers, it competence have upheld you by completely.

This Spanish play is dauntless and beautiful, pleasant and dim and positively not one to be missed. It follows a organisation of women as they understanding with the hurdles of operative as operators for a phone company in 1920s Madrid.

Here’s because you should be examination Cable Girls (Las Chicas del Cable), either or not you’ve delved into non-English-language shows previously.

The cast

The expel are all flawless and any bring something impossibly absolute to their particular roles. The actresses Blanca Suárez, Maggie Civantos, Nadia de Santiago, Ana Fernández and Ana Polvorosa are all sublime.

There is unusual male support, too, interjection to the likes of Yon González, Martiño Rivas, Nico Romero, Borja Luna and Sergio Mur which brings with it a illusory mix of terrifying, voluptuous and darling male characters just as layered and fascinating as the women.

The feminism

All of the stories are hugely constrained and alarmingly relevant. This is an epoch where women were daughters, wives and mothers, and zero else.

Call Me By Your Name ‘controversy’ is pristine nonsense: It’s a romantic masterpiece, plain and simple

They were approaching to stay at home and stay quiet.

They indispensable their husband’s permission to take income out of the bank account.

They couldn’t leave violent husbands or get divided from the change their fathers had over others in determining how their lives would go.

But this was also the time when discussions were holding place about women opposite the universe getting the right to vote.

It was the time of suffragettes.

It was the time for women to start fighting to be heard.

cable girls Blanca Surez
There’s some-more to Blanca Suárez’s Lidia than meets the eye (Picture: Netflix)

The women

Despite the odds, there were women who defied the odds, who done the decision to be independent, even if it meant leaving behind family and friends and vital with no security.

These women did all that they could to be eccentric in a universe led by men who deliberate them inferior.

And in the executive organisation of women we have here we have so many personalities covered.

From the honeyed and naïve one who’s new to big city life, to the feisty outspoken one making it on her own, around the shop-worn one who only knows how to manipulate, these women competence not strike you as likely possibilities for a organisation of friends.

However, the way they are thrown together and then very fast hang together is positively plausible and just creates you all the some-more invested in their stories.

The drama

Theft, deception, romance, manipulation, abuse, solidarity, fear. It’s all there – and that’s just in series one.

The fun

OK so there’s a lot of play but there’s also a lot to grin about. The way the women support and plea any other, forcing them any to be dauntless and to face their fears, is a pleasure to watch.

The fashion

The 1920s Madrid environment brings with it some positively beautiful outfits, from the work clothes the wire girls are compulsory to wear, to the dresses that only come out for special occasions.

The cliffhangers

Unlike some Netflix shows which you binge watch and then kind of wish you’d taken a bit some-more time with, Cable Girls is the ideal show to binge on.

With any part you just get some-more and some-more concerned in the characters and their plights. So when something doesn’t go to devise for one of them you are so desperately anticipating things will spin out OK that you just have to lift on.

So vamonos chicas, it’s time to get watching!

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