Celebrity Big Brother: Are things getting critical between Courtney and Andrew?

Celebrity Big Brother: Are things getting critical between Courtney and Andrew?
Courtney Act and Andrew Brady have been getting flattering close (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)

Of all the intensity relations in the Celebrity Big Brother house, this one competence have come as a warn to a few people.

Because in new days things have been getting sincerely heated between viewers’ favourite Courtney Act and The Apprentice’s Andrew Brady.

And when we contend close, we meant close.

But Courtney – genuine name Shane Jenek – has played down suggestions that their alliance – not to discuss a lick that they shared on Friday night – really has much meaning.

During a heart-to-heart with Malika Haqq, which aired on Saturday night, he said: ‘I consider he likes girls, and we consider while Courtney is an appealing girl, he also is intellectually wakeful that she’s not.’

When Malika forked out it was Shane that he kissed and not Courtney, he replied: ‘But lads do that arrange of thing.’

‘I consider it was like, last night you pronounced if he kissed you, would you lick him back? and we was like, yeah of course, but I’m not vital with that expectancy at all.’

When Malika asked if he wouldn’t be unhappy for things not to go further, Shane insisted: ‘I just enjoy having fun and having a crony and having a partner in crime here. we don’t wish to be the creepy unrequited adore friend.’

He added: ‘I acknowledge the good things about him and conclude his personality.’

So just where could this be going? Well Andrew has formerly certified to fancying Courtney – job Shane’s drag change ego ‘hot and a little bit of a minx’.

And when asked by Big Brother if he sees two opposite people between drag persona Courtney and Shane, he added: ‘No, when we see Courtney, good looking, with the bum implants and the hair, it all looks good but low down we know it’s still Shane under there.’

Celebrity Big hermit continues on Sunday night on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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Celebrity Big Brother continues on Sunday night on Channel 5 at 9pm.


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