Celebrity Big Brother: India Willoughby reveals gender reassignment was ‘like having a tooth out’

It hasn’t taken prolonged in the Celebrity Big Brother residence for India Willoughby to lift the lid on her gender reassignment medicine – comparing it to having a tooth pulled.

The newsreader – who underwent the medicine 5 years ago – spilled the sum to her associate housemates as she suggested that it wasn’t scarcely as unpleasant as one competence imagine.

‘Do you know what, it was like having a tooth out? Seriously I’ve been in some-more anguish going to the dentist,’ she explained.

‘Everyone says how did it feel when you woke up, was it really sore? But we was just really relieved it was all over and finished with.’

India Willoughby reveals gender reassignment was 'like having a tooth out'
India Willoughby compared her gender reassignment medicine to dental medicine (Picture: Channel 5)

India combined that she never really felt right before undergoing the operation – saying: Before that we spent every singular day, right from being a child – the first thing we suspicion when we woke up was this gender thing, it was like this haunt limb.

India went on to exhibit she never enjoyed being a man, job it ‘stressful and exhausting’ – but the remarks didn’t lay too good with Ann Widdecombe when asked her opinions on such

‘The fact is the NHS can’t do all – people are going but and you’ve got to ask yourself what the priorities should be.

‘Priorities are excellent as prolonged as you’re not the one implementing them.’

Celebrity Big Brother front Thursday night on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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