Celebrity Big Brother: Shane Lynch reveals sum of how Stephen Gately was blackmailed into coming out

CBB's Shane Lynch reveals sum of how Stephen Gately was blackmailed into coming out
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Shane Lynch non-stop up about Boyzone’s Stephen Gately’s struggles coming out in the boyband world, observant how ‘it scarcely broken him’.

The 41-year-old thespian non-stop up about his late bandmate’s sexuality to an scientific India Willoughby, observant how they always knew Stephen was happy before he came out in public.

Speaking on the show, Shane said: ‘Obviously me and boys always knew Stephen was gay. That was never a question, since his boyfriends used to come on the highway with us.

‘I consider in the early 90s when we came over to the UK, being in a boyband and being gay, nobody had come out. It was just not the finished thing to do.’

Asked if it was their government who told them to keep it quiet, he replied: ‘It would have been management, all swept under the carpet. There’s an bargain among celebrities, whatever you wish to call it, but he was meant to be dating Baby Spice and all that stuff. It’s just red herrings.’

He then minute how Gately was forced to come out following an final from the press.

‘We were in Germany on debate and we got a phone call to contend the press were going to run with a story on him. He was distraught. They pronounced to him, demeanour you can tell your story or we’re going to imitation the story. It scarcely broken him.

‘Then he did, he came out and he couldn’t trust it himself, the weight off his shoulder, the distortion has now gone. The support he got from the fans, they were the best.

‘From that indicate on, he flourished. He grew into this lucent man of joy. He was a fun of life. we have a clever place in my heart for him.’

Shane Lynch has formerly oral about his former bandmate in the house, who tragically died in 2009.

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