Coronation Street spoilers: Is Liz McDonald the next victim of torpedo Pat Phelan?

Liz McDonald to be torpedo Phelan's next Corrie victim?
(Picture: ITV)

Pat Phelan is about to supplement another rivalry to his flourishing list in Coronation Street as Liz McDonald fears that he isn’t the man that Eileen thinks that he is and warns her crony to be heedful of him.

Liz’s distrurbance at Phelan comes when she suggests to him that Eileen competence like to come divided with her for a weekend in Barcelona. Phelan shoots this thought down and Liz, assured that he is being controlling, creates adverse remarks about him.

Liz invites Eileen to lunch to try and apologize for having a go about Phelan but as the drinks flow, Liz can’t help herself and she warns Eileen that her husband is seriously bad news. Will Liz’s fears get by to Eileen or will she sojourn blind to what he is like?

Liz warns Eileen about Phelan in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Phelan continues to be up to no good when he finds Seb Franklin at Nicola Rubinstein’s prosaic and warns Gary Windass that he is onto them.

And when Nicola ends up in hospital after experiencing stomach pains, Gary and Phelan block up, with Gary branding the builder a killer.

But as Phelan is on corner after this, will he take his anger out on Liz and competence she bewail bad mouthing him to Eileen?

One to watch: Wednesday 21st Feb at 8:30pm on ITV.

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