Emmerdale spoilers: Laurel Thomas and Bob Hope have depressed for any other

Heartbreak for Brenda as Laurel and Bob tumble for any other in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans have been left fearing that the finish is close for Bob Hope and Brenda Walker as Bob’s admission of adore to Laurel Thomas has led her to acknowledge to Harriet Finch that she feels the same. Will Brenda learn the law about the feelings between them? And will this be the finish for her and her husband? 

Bob went blank as he was incompetent to get his conduct around how he feels for Laurel and Brenda was assured that he had finished a curtain for good. After examination home videos of her late husband Ashley, Laurel was astounded when Bob arrived and announced that he wants to be with her, not Brenda!

He was deflated when Laurel shot him down and simulated not to share his feelings and as she told him that he belongs with Brenda, he reluctantly returned to his marriage. But on training that Bob and Brenda had reunited, Laurel was secretly crushed.

Laurel and Bob sojourn close in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

Sensing this, Harriet approached her and Laurel came purify – she had depressed for Bob too. Harriet has suggested her to bottle these feelings up but in a tiny village, this is easier pronounced than done. Can Bob and Laurel conflict any other? Brenda is firm to find out somewhere along the line…

Speaking about the story on This Morning, Tony Audenshaw said: ‘He really loves Brenda. He feels terrible for the fact he harm her, but he just can’t help himself. He can settle. He’s been staid now for donkeys years and this insane afternoon, something happened and it’s non-stop the doorway to some feelings within him and within Laurel as well, and he deeply regrets what’s happened but these things occur in life.’

It stays to be seen who Bob ends up with – if anyone – but he’s firm to face outrageous play as a effect of his conflicted feelings.

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