Hollyoaks is releasing a box set of classical episodes

Hollyoaks is releasing a box set of classical episodes
Hollyoaks is set to recover a boxset of all their classical episodes aired over the 23 years (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks fans, ready for a Christmas provide – as the show is set to recover a classical episodes boxset after this month to applaud some informed faces returning to the screen.

All4’s new Hollyoaks boxset will underline standout moments given the soap began in 1995, including the first ever part where we met the longest portion expel member, Nick Pickard as Tony Hutchinson.

Hollyoaks has been using for 23 episodes altogether and with Mandy (played by Sarah Jayne Dunn) and Luke (played by Gary Lucy), returning to the encampment progressing this year, one of the special episodes enclosed in the set will be Luke and Mandy’s first date.

This was aired on the 17th Jun 1999 and shows the couple going on a date to Chester where all goes wrong, before they share their first kiss.

The boxset will follow some of the characters’ many bomb and harmful moments, such as the time Mandy earnings home after an dusk out to realize that she can’t arise her baby daughter, Grace.

Hollyoaks Boxset Episode List

Episode One – Meet Tony! (23rd Oct 1995)

Holly’s birth (22nd Dec 1997)

Luke and Mandy’s first date (17th Jun 1999)

Luke is raped (15th Mar 2000)

Darren and Nancy’s marriage (15th Feb 2012)

Baby Grace’s death (11th May 2006)

Nancy’s multi-storey automobile park pile-up (15th Aug 2013)

And the 2013 part where Nancy was being chased by the police and finished up with the back wheels of her automobile unresolved over the corner of a multi-storey automobile park.

Hollyoaks is releasing a box set of classical episodes
Hollyoaks will recover the boxset after this month to applaud informed faces returning to the screen (Picture: Lime Pictures)

It will also underline Holly Cunningham’s birth, which was in 1997, whose impression has grown and changed with the opposite actresses opposite the 20 years she has been on screen as good as Darren and Nancy’s 2012 marriage and the part which saw Luke raped by Mark Gibbs in 2000.

The boxset will be accessible after in Dec on All4.

Hollyoaks front weeknights, C4 at 6:30pm with a first demeanour on E4 at 7pm.

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