Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6: Let’s Not Forget Kirk Frost, Shocking Paternity Case Dismissed

It’s been a while given fans listened the latest on the play between Kirk Frost of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and the woman, Jasmine Washington.

Washington formerly claimed she had a child with him despite his marriage to Rasheeda Frost. However, good news for the Frost family as the case against Kirk has been dismissed.

A Win On A Technicality

Reports have circulated that a Georgia Family Court Judge Debra Turner tossed out Washington’s paternity case against Kirk. Fans competence remember that Washington claimed she had been messing around with Kirk and that she got pregnant. She done claims that Kirk done vast payments (including a monthly stipend and a car) to her to keep still about the child.

That whole deteriorate of the show was filled with Rasheeda and her mom Shirley, pulling Kirk to get a paternity test. Washington took authorised movement when he refused in hopes of proof that Kirk was the father after he stopped making the payments.

Interestingly enough, the case was only tossed out since Judge Turner told Washington she had two weeks to surprise him about the paternity case. Washington and her attorney, Tony Mathis, pronounced that Kirk had been dodging them, so they tried to get a aver to sequence him to accept the documents.

 it was two months after when she finally got a hold of Kirk. Considering this, Judge Turner discharged the case altogether, but this doesn’t meant the play between the Frost’s and Washington is over by a longshot.

Washington and Kirk have motionless to settle the issue of paternity out of court. Word is Kirk is peaceful to compensate child support if he is indeed the father.

Still Trouble For Kirk And Rasheeda?

Meanwhile, Rasheeda has confirmed that she and Kirk are separated. It’s been pronounced that she’s watchful to find out if Kirk is actually the child’s father before she pulls the block on the long-term matrimony for good.

Rasheeda is still making moves despite her kinship and play with Kirk. She recently just suggested around Instagram that she has non-stop a second plcae of her renouned Pressed boutique.

Kirk helped her with the first one that is in a prestigious mall in Atlanta. The second, formed in Houston, was one that Rasheeda did all on her own. See her Instagram post below.

 A New Year is coming time for new things!!!! @pressedhouston713

A post shared by Rasheeda (@rasheedadabosschick) on Dec 6, 2017 at 3:13pm PST

On the show, Kirk filed for subdivision from Rasheeda so that she could strengthen her resources if it incited out that Kirk fathered the child.

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