Worlds hit as 3 Doctor Who stars seem in new BBC crime play Collateral

Worlds hit as 3 Doctor Who stars seem in Collateral
Three Doctor Who stars have been reunited (Picture: BBC)

The BBC have got some enormous actors in their residence book.

Doctor Who fans got an unexpected provide on Monday night interjection to the BBC’s retaining new crime play Collateral.

The new play followed the police review launched after a man is shot passed after delivering a pizza.

Carey Mulligan stars as DI Kip Glaspie, who starts piece together connectors to the murder which camber the fields of politics, sacrament and immigration.

Before Carey became an Oscar hopeful in 2010 with An Education, she played Sally Sparrow in series 3 of Doctor Who, in an part called Blink.

Worlds hit as 3 Doctor Who stars seem in Collateral
Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow in Blink (Picture: BBC)

Also starring in the show is Billie Piper as Karen Mars, who is of march best famous for personification Doctor Who messenger Rose Tyler from 2005 and 2006 conflicting Christopher Eccleston and then after David Tennant.

Worlds hit as 3 Doctor Who stars seem in Collateral
Billie as Rose Tyler with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor (Picture: BBC)

The third former Doctor Who star is John Simm, who plays Labour MP David Mars in Collateral. Simm has starred in Doctor Who as another politician – Prime Minister Harold Saxon, who was after suggested to be the Doctor’s old rivalry the Master. He was last seen in The Doctor Falls, the culmination of series ten.

Worlds hit as 3 Doctor Who stars seem in Collateral
John Simm as the Doctor’s arch rivalry the Master (Picture: BBC)

While the contingent never actually shared any screen time on Doctor Who, we like to consider Simm and Piper substituted some stories about operative with David Tennant.

To see what we done of the opening part of Colalteral, conduct here.

Collateral Mondays at 9pm on BBC Two.

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