‘Twin Peaks’ actor arrested on attempted murder charges

An actor who recently seemed on an part of Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” was arrested Wednesday night on attempted second grade murder charges after beating a lady with a ball bat at a internal Spokane, Wash. business.

41-year-old Jeremy Lindholm — who fast seemed as Mickey in the part “Part 6” — was attempting to rush the cops by evading out the business’s back doorway when officers arrived, according to a press release from the Spokane Police Department.

Jeremy Lindholm (l). and Harry Dean Stanton seem in Lindholm's solitary part of Twin Peaks. The actor was arrested and charged with attempted second grade murder.

Jeremy Lindholm (l). and Harry Dean Stanton seem in Lindholm’s solitary part of “Twin Peaks.” The actor was arrested and charged with attempted second grade murder.


The actor still had the ball bat in palm when he was confronted by officers in an alley, and fast surrendered.

Police pronounced that after interviewing witnesses and the victim, they resolved the “extremely aroused assault” was one of domestic violence. TMZ reports that the victim was Lindholm’s girlfriend.

Surveillance video from inside the business showed the border of the attack, and led cops to trust that the victim’s life was in danger, and that Lindholm was trying to kill her.

She was taken to a internal hospital with non-life melancholy injuries, according to the release.

Lindholm, meanwhile, was booked into the Spokane County Jail on attempted second grade murder and second grade assault, among other charges.

He is being held on $100,000 bond.

His solitary “Twin Peaks” part aired Jun 11.

He noted the arise on Twitter, with a photo of himself posing in front of his radio with his stage on in the background.

“How are you examination Twin Peaks?” he wrote. “Don’t forget it starts airing at 8pm this Sunday.”

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