Val Kilmer to revisit Tombstone, Ariz. for Doc Holliday event

Val Kilmer is coming to Tombstone on Saturday for an eventuality to applaud the life of Doc Holliday, the mythological gunfighter whom the actor famously portrayed in the 1993 film that was set in the Old West town.

Kilmer will attend in several events at Doc Holli-Days, including roving in a horse-drawn stagecoach while portion as grand organise in a parade. He will also meet with fans and attend a birthday party for Holliday, who was innate on Aug. 14.

Tombstone was once a bustling mining city that became synonymous with the furious west following the shootout at the O.K. Corral involving Holliday and Wyatt Earp. The mines close down years ago, but the city nearby the U.S.-Mexico limit stays a renouned traveller destination.

The city saw a swell in recognition after the hit 1993 film “Tombstone,” starring Kilmer, Kurt Russell and Sam Elliot. The film was filmed at several locations in Arizona, but not in Tombstone.

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Kilmer visited the city during the making of the film but hasn’t been back since.

“He can’t wait til he gets here,” pronounced Bruce Nielsen, boss of the internal Lions Club, which is organizing the parade. “He’s excited.”

Gunfight re-enactments are the event’s big draw, but Nielsen pronounced Kilmer will not attend in them.

Many of the Doc Holli-Days events are sole out, generating concerns about throng sizes.

“I am endangered that the city is going to be overwhelmed,” Nielsen said.

Doc Holli-Days is one of several weekend celebrations that Tombstone binds via the year, including Wyatt Earp Days and Helldorado Days.

It was during the 2015 Helldorado when an actor used genuine bullets instead of blanks during the re-enactment of a duel, wounding a member and causing teenager injuries to a bystander.

That stirred the city wrote new regulations for its gunfights after.

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