Watch the First Promo For Fear Factor’s ‘Season From Hell’

Host Ludacris in Fear Factor Returns With 'Season of Hell'
Host Ludacris in Fear Factor Returns With ‘Season of Hell’ MTV

Ludacris is back to pull people to their limits. Us Weekly can exclusively exhibit that MTV is bringing back Fear Factor for a new deteriorate of both earthy and psychological hurdles that will invariably test contestants.

This deteriorate has been dubbed the “season from hell.” Contestants, for example, will have to free themselves from a buried coffin and shun a condemned house. This season’s pairings embody students, twins, families and even exes who will tackle a “date from hell.” The pairs who can finish the hurdles will walk divided with $50,000 in cash.

Ludacris, a fan of the franchise, will return as horde and executive producer. In the promo, he reveals he’s “upgrading all of the fear [and] upgrading all of the anxiety” for the contestants.

“My first suspicion was, when we listened about that [opportunity], we was really a fan of the strange show and I’m kind of an adrenaline addict myself, which is something a lot of people don’t know,” the rapper told XXL Magazine about the event to horde the show. “What better way for me to actually do some of these stunts my damn self than to watch people do it firsthand. If I’m going to [be the host] of the show, I’m going to put a spin on it and make it new.”

The first 10, one-hour episodes will entrance on MTV Sunday, Feb 25, at 7 p.m. ET, with the second 10 episodes slated to air in summer 2018.

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