Why Freddie Prinze Jr. is holding a mangle from acting

When it comes to the kitchen, Freddie Prinze Jr. knows he’s all that.

The 41-year-old actor pronounced he’s holding a mangle from behaving to concentration on his newest venture — cooking. In June, Prinze Jr. expelled his first cookbook, “Back to the Kitchen,” which is full of 75 family-friendly recipes from his New Mexico roots.

It’s not just another luminary cookbook, Prinze Jr. told CBS News during a cooking demo in New York City, where he suggested his Green (Chile) Eggs and Ham, a turn on the Dr. Suess childhood classic. Prinze Jr. has a story of cooking.

“My mom worked in restaurants her whole life,” Prinze Jr. said. “That’s where she met my father, at a comedy bar in Reno, Nevada. She was the cook there.”

Growing up, Prinze Jr. pronounced he schooled many life lessons “in front of a stove.”

“That’s where my passion about that came,” Prinze Jr. said.

Prinze Jr. recently partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts cold decoction coffee packs to share his adore of coffee and to get families back to the breakfast table, a slight he has worked tough to rise in his own house.

Here’s what Prince Jr. had to contend about his new cookbook “Back to the Kitchen,” his singular childhood and his 15-year matrimony to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee At Home Cold Brew Launch with Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Cookbook author and actor, Freddie Prinze, Jr., leads a proof of a recipe from his cookbook, back to the Kitchen, at the Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee at Home launch of new Cold Brew Coffee Packs.

First, I’d adore to speak a little about your new partnership with Dunkin Donuts. You mentioned that you’re a “coffee addict.”

“Addict” is a disastrous term. We will use “lover” — ardent partner of all things coffee. It was a really easy partnership. My cookbook is about saving time. we have salsas that are easy prep salsas that work for 10 or 12 conflicting dishes. That’s the whole truth behind the Dunkin’ decoction coffee packs. It’s investing two to 5 mins in your dusk to save you 30 mins in the morning. This is the ideal product for me to group up with, since their truth on how to tarry and cave are identical. It’s all about prep to save yourself time.

Also, you have a cookbook, “Back to the Kitchen,” out. It focuses on minimal mixture and it’s family-oriented.

Everything is 9 mixture or reduction and two of those mixture are salt and peppers so that doesn’t count. we try to make all very simple. A lot of walkaway food, definition you put in 20 mins of work and walk divided for 90 and do whatever you want. [There are] a lot of easy things with my salsas that go with a lot of conflicting dishes so you can brew it up.

What’s your favorite recipe?

Probably my Holy Bleep Pulled Pork Tacos.

How about your favorite part to use?

Favorite part to use is substantially New Mexico induce chile, but it’s not accessible that often.

A lot of people think, “Oh, Freddie Prinze Jr., the actor,” but you’re now putting a lot of concentration into cooking. Where does your impulse for cooking come from?

I schooled about my father in front of a stove. we schooled about suspense and heartbreak in front of a stove. There was this girl who stood me up on a date in high school and we was just ripped in two and my mom said, “Teenage girls don’t wish like good boys like you. They wish to date jerks. But when you grow up, you’re still going to be a good male and all those girls that grew up are going to be looking for that. And there’s only going to be about 7 good guys left, so you’re going to have your pick.”


Freddie Prinze Jr. and wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

You pronounced your wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is very understanding of your career. A lot of people consider you two as a “power couple.” What do you consider of that label?

I’ve never looked at us that way. Over a decade ago, substantially in the ’90s, when a lot of the Brits came over and started modifying the magazines we didn’t have a stately family, and the boss and his kids weren’t sparkling so they incited Hollywood into the stately family and started commenting on their personal lives as if it was news and not entertainment. And that’s all it is. At this point, actors and musicians and athletes get dehumanized to the indicate where they’re stalked and wanted like furious game. 

Everyone has these tags and terms and people don’t comprehend what they’re doing. Even with personal lives, people wish to be entertained, but I’ve never committed to that. When people contend things like “power couple,” my brain mutes it. She’s my wife. I’m her husband. We’re trying to lift two kids and do what we do best to make a vital and yield a future for the family.

How do you change all — between acting, hosting a podcast and now being a published author?

I’ve really stepped divided from the acting. we don’t really do that anymore. we [have a] podcast with Josh Wolf. It’s called “Prinze and the Wolf.” I’ve always had a soothing mark for stand-up comedians … Josh and we did his “Fairly Normal” podcast and when it was over, we knew it [was right]. We clicked so well. We started two weeks later. we adore it. He’s a good, good man. We proceed things from the finish conflicting finish of the spectrum and finish up in the same place.

Do you have anything else you wish your fans to know?

If you wish to strech out to me, I’m easy to strech out to. we try to promulgate with just about everybody out there that hits me up on social media. If you contend good things or meant stuff, it don’t matter, whatever you need to do that creates you feel good, creates me feel good.

This talk has been edited and condensed.

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