Zoe Lister-Jones used an all-female organisation for "Band Aid"

For her directorial debut, Zoe Lister-Jones (“Life in Pieces,” “New Girl”) had one very elementary order for the movie’s prolongation crew: No dudes allowed. She finished it a indicate to occupy an all-female crew, from the cinematographer to the prolongation assistants. 

The film, “Band Aid,” stars Lister-Jones and Adam Pally as a married couple who try to save their matrimony with music by starting a rope and branch all of their fights into songs. She talked to CBS News about making the film and anticipating the band’s sound.

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What first sparked the thought of using an all-female organisation for this?

I had been very wakeful — both being in front of the camera and behind it — of the under-representation of women on radio and film crews, so we wanted to create opportunities for women, generally in departments where they’re very frequency given them. And we have to say, it totally exceeded all of my expectations. We were arrange of in this amazing, ideal workplace sourroundings where every lady could feel her many assured self.

With indie films, a lot of crews are fabricated formed on connectors organisation members have from operative with other people. How do you contend with that catch-22?

Exactly, that is the catch-22 of because there aren’t some-more opportunities for women in the industry. If they’re not given them, how can they benefit the knowledge to make you consider that they merit them? Even some of my womanlike dialect heads have those longstanding relations with men that they’ve worked with. Obviously there are many sensitive, incredible, feminist men on crews, but we did have to pull everybody to step outward their comfort zones on that turn and say, “You’re going to work with someone that you’ve never worked with before, and that is going to be frightful but it’s what we have to do.” Otherwise we just knew that we would tumble into all the same traps that concede the complement to continue to be broken.

What was your proceed to filming the tangible rope in the movie?

We play all the music live in the movie. None of it is to playback, so that’s all us actually playing, which was scary. But as a director, it was really critical for me that we capture the flawlessness of live performance. Performing to playback is finished so often, and I’m always surprised. Like, aren’t we at a theatre where we’re almost having iPhones ingrained into the faces that we could figure out singing live? Why not risk it and hear the imperfections and clarity that electricity of something maybe means to go wrong. It adds hurdles to production, but for me they were worthwhile.

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How did you go about actually essay the songs?

I consider we wrote one strain first as arrange of a jumping-off point. we knew what the story was going to be, which was a couple exploring their fights by song. But then the rest of the songs unfolded lyrically as we wrote the rest of the script. When we write lyrics, we generally have a lax clarity of a melody, but it’s not tangible yet. we collaborated with a crony of cave named Kyle Forester, who’s a musician, on the melodies to those songs and then available demos, and then Adam and we started rehearsing, just the two of us. And then personification them live was a whole arrange of thing. And then we just available an album.

Which hulk authorization tentpole are you anticipating gets handed to you after this?

Oh my gosh, any of them.

Because it goes that first you have a hit at Sundance, then you …

Get to go make “Godzilla.” You know, we consider it would be so fun to make a outrageous authorization movie. It’s overwhelming to have a authorization like “Wonder Woman,” but it doesn’t indispensably have to be singular to a womanlike superhero movie. A lady could approach “The Avengers” or any of those. Or it doesn’t have to be a superhero movie. 

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“Band Aid” is in theaters Jun 2 and on VOD Jun 9. 


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