Shop ‘80s-Style Boxy Blazers So You Can Copy Margot Robbie’s Retro Style 

The ‘80s are back! Want proof? Margot Robbie incited up to film The Ellen Degeneres Show on Wednesday, Jan 10, wearing a tweed Isabel Marant oversized blazer that was boxy in the best way possible. And if you wish to follow her lead, toss a tailored, but not overly fitted, topper over a span of cropped flared jeans, ankle boots and a infrequent t-shirt and you’ll demeanour the picture of an free conform maven. Consider this your new brunch uniform. And to make your life even easier, we picked out some of the favorite blazer the fit the bill so you can demeanour major for your next “I meant business, but I’m too cold to try” occasion.

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