Buffalo salsa lattes are being served and the internet is gagging

Talk about winging it.

The Canadian grill sequence Tim Hortons has launched a new latte done with espresso, steamed milk, mocha and — wait for it — Buffalo salsa flavor.

There’s more. The churned cream commanding gets a “dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning.” But the company stopped brief of tossing in blue cheese and a celery stick.

Tim Hortons noted: “The doubtful pairing of honeyed mocha and sour Buffalo salsa come together to create an suddenly tasty honeyed and sharp treat.”

Starbucks’ pumpkin piquancy latte is getting a gratifying tumble topping

Whether you consider the splash sounds good or sum (reactions on social media gaunt to the latter) to ambience the $2.79 libation you’ll have to trifle off to you-know-where.

Buffalo lattes will only be accessible at the chain’s locations in Buffalo for a singular time.

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