Eel burgers give Shake Shack menu a jolt


Shake Shack shakes up the menu at its Madison Park plcae with grilled eel burgers on Friday and Saturday.

Call it Snake Shack? No. Actually, eels are elongated fish. And you can use that for tiny speak when you wait on line.

The between-the-buns brainchild comes from Michelin-starred British cook Fergus Henderson. His London restaurant, St. John, was named among the world’s 100 best in 2017.

Eel burgers ($9.99) are done from eel, egg, bread crumb, lemon juice, salt and pepper. They’re served with smoked bacon, preserved red onion, crème fraiche, fresh horseradish and watercress.

So what booze goes with eel? Take your pick. St. John’s red and white wines ($7.99 – $8.99), done in the restaurant’s winery in southwest France, will also be featured. Also on deck: Henderson’s signature vanilla custard-filled doughnuts ($3.99)

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