French oysters go on sale in vending machines

By Miranda Alexander-Webber

ILE DE RE, France (Reuters) – In a change from chocolates and fizzy drinks, the French are starting to offer fresh oysters from vending machines in the wish of selling some-more of the sweetmeat outward business hours.

One colonize is Tony Berthelot, an oyster rancher whose involuntary dispenser of live oysters on the Ile de Re island off France’s western seashore offers a operation of quantities, forms and sizes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

French oyster farmers are following in the footsteps of other producers of fresh food who once manned stalls along roadsides for prolonged hours but now uses machines.

“We can come at midnight if we want, if we have a longing for oysters. It’s excellent; they’re really fresh,” Christel Petinon, a 45-year-old client holidaying on the island, told Reuters.

The Ile de Re’s refrigerated dispenser, one of the first and with potion panels so business can see what they are buying, is broadly identical to those that offer snacks and drinks at railway stations and bureau buildings worldwide.

Customers use their bank label for access, opening the doorway of their choice from a operation of crate sizes and oyster types.

A worker prepares oysters for the involuntary oyster vending machine.

A worker prepares oysters for the involuntary oyster vending machine.


Berthelot, thirty years an oyster breeder, sees it as an additional source of income rather than an choice to normal points of sale like food markets, fishmongers and supermarkets.

“We felt as yet we were losing lots of sales when we are closed,” he said.

“There was a cost concerned when shopping this machine, of course, but we’re profitable it back in installments … And today, in theory, we can contend that the calculations are scold and it’s working.”

Selling oysters from a appurtenance bets on some-more than just tolerance among consumers. Live molluscs not kept cold adequate or stored too prolonged out of seawater can means food poisoning when opened.

The Berthelots contend the appurtenance has an interest to a younger era accustomed to shopping on the internet and unruffled by the deficiency of a shopkeeper.

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