Pizza Hut to test booze and drink delivery

Pizza and a hum in 30 mins or less.

Pizza Hut is contrast home ethanol delivery in Phoenix, Ariz. The delivery options embody six-packs of Budweiser and Bud Light, Shocktop and internal Arizona-based qualification brewer Four Peaks beers. The packs will cost a prosaic rate of $10.99. The company is still determining on the sum on drink delivery, which will start in January.

No word nonetheless on where the service competence enhance next.

The renouned pizza sequence already began selling ethanol in its sit-down restaurants opposite the country in 2016, but now they can bring it right to your door.

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While Pizza Hut primogenitor company, Yum! Brands, is doing well, with shares up 32% according to CNN Money, Pizza Hut is the weakest among their sister companies Taco Bell and KFC. So the ethanol may decoction up combined revenue.

Taco Bell also recently introduced beer, ethanol and solidified churned drinks with tequila, rum, vodka and whiskey, but only KFC bondage in Tokyo and Australia have sole drink with their duck in new years.


Pizza Hut is contrast drink and drink delivery in Phoenix, Arizona. If the test works, they could enhance to other cities.

(Alan Diaz/AP)

Neither pizza competitors Papa John’s and Domino’s offer ethanol for delivery, but progressing this year Domino’s began selling ethanol in their stores.

Individual Pizza Hut bondage need a permit to discharge the ethanol and all drivers with drink and drink on their routes will need to be at slightest 21. Customers will be compulsory to show their IDs at the door.

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If you live in New York and don’t need a cut of pizza with your booze, you can use Drizly or Minibar to get ethanol delivered to your door.

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