Posh Beatrice Inn stiffs workers on tips, overtime: lawsuit

The generously costly Beatrice Inn — where a whiskey-soaked beef costs $700 — doesn’t compensate its sloping workers a satisfactory wage, according to a lawsuit.

The high-end West Village chophouse systematic bartenders and barbacks to perform duties like ironing tablecloths and cleaning votive candles, which are tasks typically reserved to workers making the full smallest wage, according to papers filed this week in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Former barkeeper Dmitry Gurvits’ fit seeks class-action standing and names conduct cook and owners Angie Mar as a defendant. He alleges he customarily worked between 40 and 60 hours but was not scrupulously paid overtime.

Gurvits pronounced he and other sloping workers were also poorly compulsory to pool tips with non-tipped workers like bar managers and silverware polishers. Such tip-sharing is a defilement of state labor laws, which heed between workers who correlate with business and those who do not.

“I don’t know how in 2018 a business like this that is selling steaks for hundreds of dollars doesn’t know what the law requires of them,” pronounced Gurvits’ attorney, Brian Schaffer.

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Steaks cost as much as $700 at the West Village hotspot.

(Noam Galai/Getty Images for NYCWFF)

He pronounced he represents two other employees of the grill who will join the fit seeking back salary and other damages for all authorised sloping workers.

Food website Eater reported last summer that an impracticable seafood platter at the W. 12th grill sole for $485. A dry-aged burger with black truffles costs $105. The restaurant’s famed whiskey-soaked pickaxe ribeye cost $14 an ounce, with a smallest of 50 ounces.

A counsel for the grill declined to comment.

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