Taco Bell tests ‘Pop Rocks’-like candy on new Firecracker Burrito

Taco Bell’s newest creation is explosive.

The Firecracker Burrito — reportedly being tested out at a few of the Tex-Mex chain’s California locations — comes with a side of Pop Rocks-like candy.

Yes, Pop Rocks, the carbonated fizzy candy that explodes on your tongue. Taco Bell calls them “Cayenne Popping Crystals,” spicier versions of what you had as a kid.

The burrito itself packs the customary rice, cheese, beef, and green cream wrapped in a red tortilla — with a spicier chronicle doused in chipotle sauce. For a few cents extra, adventurous business can supplement the Cayenne Popping Crystals, and shower on as many as you like for a fizzy fiesta in your mouth.

Pop rocks… and @tacobell burritos?!?! Yuppp, it’s happening y’all! Check out this Firecracker burrito, a new test object for TB, at the plcae noted in this photo!! ??? . . . #foodbeast #tacobell #fastfood #newfastfood #testitem #firecrackerburrito #poprocksburrito #poprocks #burrito #outhereflourishing

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The Firecracker Burrito is just the latest kooky mixture from the sequence that also brought us Doritos Locos Tacos, the Cheetos Quesadilla (available only in the Philippines) and the recently introduced Potato-rito — a flour tortilla loaded with potato bits, seasoned beef, cheddar cheese and nacho cheese sauce.

A Reddit user named Elbore posted about their knowledge with the banging new burrito last weekend, essay that the object wasn’t even on the menu of the Taco Bell he or she visited.

The “‘poppers’ … ambience honeyed and burst just like cocktail rocks. we was very confused by the whole thing but it was only $1.49,” Elbore wrote.

Sounds like a good deal.

The muck news site Foodbeast reports that there are 4 Southern California stores selling the popping burrito by Aug. 16.

Taco Bell did not nonetheless respond to the ask for comment.

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