Give A Dog A Bad Name…..


I wish to start with a brief thumbnail perspective at global geopolitics given the tumble of the Soviet Union under President Gorbachev. This was an eventuality that was widely applauded and rejoiced, including by Muslims worldwide. Little did they comprehend what it would lead to. For a military state, an economy formed on war, an rivalry is essential. When the Soviet Union motionless to call it a day with personification ring partner, the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) indispensable someone else to clear its existence and to continue to make income for those who run it. It is vicious to know that the domestic entities we call republic states are immaterial in this scheme of things. The people who run the show are not firm by any nationality. They are truly global in that they work from anywhere and opposite all inhabitant boundaries. Laws that connect us and guard the exchange don’t connect these people. This universe is run by a handful of men, not countries and politicians. That is given we am not fixing any country; not given of any privacy to do so.

In their search; or we should say; as per their plan, they chose Global Islam (GI). we am coining that word to compute it from Islam as a religion. The sacrament of Islam is of no seductiveness to MIC. What is of seductiveness is the ability to take GI and plan it in the space of the ‘Other’, which is vicious to continued success even participation of the MIC.GI was ideal given it confident all the criteria required for an effective ‘Other’, which are:

  1. Mysterious:
    1. So that all kinds of lies can be attributed to it with impunity
  2. Different:
    1. ‘They’ are not white, not European/American, not Christian
  3. History:
    1. Bad memories of having been degraded by ‘them’ in the Crusades as good as ‘they’ having been the only competition estimable of the name to European kingship and the Church for centuries
  4. Ineffective globally:
    1. I don’t consider this even needs an explanation
  5. Compliant inner leadership:
    1. Well, given they were placed there by MIC and sojourn on their seats at MIC’s pleasure, what choice do they have?
  6. Immunity:
    1. If they are attacked, killed, countries destroyed, it is no skin off the nose
  7. Nebulous:
    1. No specific state for one to be accused of aggression. A cloudy cloud called by whatever name seems fit, Axis of Evil, Islamic Terror etc. So, aggressive it is easy and no singular or organisation of states can criticism in the UN.
  8. Polarization:
    1. Is easy for all the reasons above and denunciation was invented to legitimize invasion, murder and plunder.
  9. Internal conflict:
    1. They are divided among themselves and disposed to being instigated against one another, so very receptive to manipulation.

In the difference of Fredrick Bastiat, “When pillage becomes a way of life for a organisation of people vital together in society, they create for themselves in the march of time, a authorised complement that authorizes it and a dignified code that glorifies it.” That is precisely what is happening currently in the universe and the Muslims are held in the center in the self-evident place between a stone and a tough place.

That is how the deaths of over a million civilians (plus half a million children under the age of ten) in the Iraq fight is brushed aside, even yet the whole fight was formed on lies. The electrocute of civilians in Bosnia is a post script, the function of Palestine and the daily atrocities being heaped on the heads of an detained race are excusable and the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya people is not estimable of mention. These and many other instances of mass murder, carried out by the MIC military directly or their proxies, which we have not worried to discuss as my indicate is made, have only one thing in common; i.e. the victims are all Muslim. The mainstream media is the suspicion steering apparatus for the good unsanitary and ignorant crowd which gets its trust exclusively from the TV screen. They are brainwashed to trust that when a Muslim (or many Muslims) dies, he had it coming. But if he fights back, he is an insurgent, militant and essence of evil.

They don’t have the comprehension to ask how a man fighting an occupying army for the right to live in his own home can be an insurgent? This is like the British judge, sitting in visualisation on the last Moghul Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar who had no answer when the King asked him by what right he was being judged by a unfamiliar occupier in his own land. But when you are on the right finish of a gun and the other on its wrong end, you can get divided with anything, so Bahadur Shah Zafar was outcast from his own land and his sons and grandsons were executed. Why? Because they were his sons and grandsons and the British believed in restraining all lax ends. Same proof in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and by proxies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many other places today. The same proof entertainment Vietnam and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese at the hands of invaders, French and American.

I consternation how many Americans know the definition of the term ‘Double Veteran’.

American Rape of Vietnamese Women Was “Considered Standard Operating Procedure”

Rape of Vietnamese women by US troops “took place on such a vast scale that many veterans deliberate it customary handling procedure.”  It was “systematic and collective”; an “unofficial military policy”.  One infantryman termed it a “mass military policy.”  Indeed, rape followed by murder of Vietnamese women was “so common that American soldiers had a special term for the soldiers who committed the acts in conjunction: a double veteran”. Legitimizing of slaughter is a healthy outcome of the routine of dehumanizing the ‘other’ and desiring that they are ‘vermin’ to ‘exterminate’ whom is the eminent avocation of the ‘brave and virtuous’.

In support of my row we quote an essay about the Jewish Holocaust which captures the whole routine very well. It is a matter of consternation to this day, how the people of Germany not only watched in overpower as 6 million Jewish and other people were evenly murdered, but helped in the routine by constructing gas chambers, travel systems and all demeanour of horrific methodologies which we will leave you to review about on your own.

Holocaust Memorial Day: The 10 Stages of Genocide

I never tire of quoting Pastor Niemöller’s difference about this, which caution us to mount up before it is too late. Today the universe is once again sitting in overpower while the MIC juggernaut rolls on; not asking pivotal questions that must be asked, not holding absolute stances for justice, devising that by doing so, they are saving themselves.

As Pastor Niemöllersays, that is what the Germans also thought, until at the finish of the war, they contemplated their own ravaged cities, lives and homes. Payment always comes.

Martin Niemöller
(14 Jan 1892 – 6 Mar 1984)

First, they came for the Communists, and we did not pronounce out,
because we was not a Communist.Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and we did not pronounce out, given we was not a Trade Unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and we did not pronounce out, given we was not a Jew.Then they came for me and there was no one left to pronounce for me

This account of the ‘Other’ has today, legitimized any kind of slaughter as prolonged as it is finished to Muslims and has finished loathing of Muslims excusable everywhere. Just like it had legitimized every slaughter against the Jews in the last century and the Vietnamese (communists) in the 60’s and 70’s. It is required to see the signs and commend them for what they are and not concede ourselves to be fooled by these age-old games.

That is given in India when a twelve-year-old Muslim child is stabbed mixed times and killed in a sight before his own younger brother, the whole carriage bucket of people looked on and hearten the murderers. Ask them what the crime of the child was. Ask them if the child had spoiled them. Ask them given they did nothing. All these questions have only one answer; he was a Muslim. And so, all these things turn legitimate and acceptable. In Myanmar, the Rohingya people are being evenly slaughtered, raped and burned alive by the Burmese army and the universe watches in silence.

In India once again, in a entertainment of top class, prepared people one man, on the subject of the Rohingya genocide, says that what is happening is excusable and should happen. ‘Muslims need to be killed’, he says. Nobody protests. Nobody is shocked. Nobody is outraged. One person, not a Muslim, raises a voice protesting, asking if one should not be compassionate; asking if murder is not a crime, no matter who does it. No to all of the above given they are “MUSLIM”. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you know this elementary fact? we can quote many some-more examples but we consider this is enough. After all we all review the same papers and watch the same channels.

As you can see the account needs to be changed. But given that is associated to the contentment of the MIC, how can we, garden accumulation common people, do it? we am going to try to put down my thoughts about what we trust needs to be finished for 3 reasons:

  1. I will not concede what is not in my control to forestall me from doing what is in my control. we can’t change the global account (or at slightest we don’t know how to do it at this point) but we can change the internal one, so we am going to try that and share my thoughts with you.
  2. No matter what the spin doctors wish us to believe, the sequence of the MIC can only outcome in some-more and some-more wretchedness for common people, reduction and reduction reserve and confidence for us and some-more and some-more loathing in society, all in sequence to make the 1% ever wealthier.
  3. No matter how absolute the Dons of the MIC consider they are, eventually their energy depends on those who follow them. Without the unquestioning tractability of their followers, they are powerless. That is the reason we must ask questions; worried questions. Be it about meridian change or about global dominance. That is given they spend a gigantic happening on mind steering by the media, films, social media and other means of communication. If George Bush and his squad were really absolute they would have been means to invade Iraq but revelation a fusillade of lies to the UN and the whole world, first. And if those who listened to the lies had asked the right questions, two million people would have lived. It is as vicious as that, to ask the right questions at the right time.

Please see my essay for some-more on the need to accept the liberty and know that eventually any one of us is privately accountable. The reality is that unless we confirm to trust the fake account and tumble into its trap, nobody can force us into it.

A couple of questions that you may like to ask, even today:

  1. When Saudi Arabia is being held complicit adequate in the 9/11 bombing occurrence for the US Congress to pass the 9/11 Lawsuit Bill, needing victims to file suits against them, given did President Donald Trump sign an agreement to supply them with $110 billion worth of arms?

  1. If ISIS is really so bad, then how is it that despite the strenuous participation of the US and Allied forces in that theatre, ISIS continues to have an undeviating supply of weapons and ordnance, fuel and reserve and cash funds? After all, if you tried to send $10,000 to Iraq or Syria, you would have everybody from the IRS to FBI to your neighbor’s dog, respirating down your neck. But there appears to be no problem with billions of dollars being openly eliminated and payments for arms and ammunition being credited when it comes to the ISIS. So, who is the rivalry and who is the friend?

I am certain you have all review the famous poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” an 1854 narrative poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson about the Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War and its very famous line: “Ours is not to doubt why, ours is to do and die.” This is the truth that keeps loathing of the ‘Other’ alive, enables genocide, sacrifices the bad and empowers the 1% to sojourn secure and turn wealthier.

Imagine a universe where the infantryman questions given he is being systematic to kill trusting people. Imagine a universe where the person production weapons of mass drop questions what value he is adding to crowd by operative in such a place and what bequest he is leaving behind for his family. Imagine a universe where people production cigarettes and ethanol see films on lung cancer and ethanol associated automobile crashes and then make a choice either to go to work or not. we can suppose some-more scenarios but will instead leave you to do this on your own. Sit with your children and make a diversion of it. Imagine a universe but war. Imagine a universe but the 1% but instead with their resources shared by those who share the dream of global prosperity. Not global prevalence by military might. Wars occur for one reason only and that is given they make profit. Take that divided and you would have taken divided the reason for war. That is the highway to peace. Not attempting to overpower all antithesis to the prevalence of the 1%.

If you are prepared to scapegoat your life and complacency to put some-more caviar and champagne on the tables of the 1%, go forward but count me out. we wish a universe where my family, friends and we are safe, can live peacefully together, earn a decent vital and leave behind a bequest for the next generation. If you don’t like this idea, then you should stop reading this right away. We don’t live in little compartments in this world. We live in a universe connected in distant some-more absolute and suggestive ways than social media. This doesn’t simply meant that we can go from place to place faster or promulgate opposite good distances instantly but that what happens to one, affects everyone. The Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory is not limited to weather. It affects us in all aspects of life. Those who exclude to commend it and insist on vital as if they live alone in the world, will turn its victims.

What is Chaos Theory?

It’s time for all butterflies to start waving their wings to create a hurricane of universe opinion that will drive out all misapplication and oppression, no matter where it may be.

Mirza Yawar Baig is formed in Hyderabad, India and is the founder and President of Yawar Baig Associates; an general care consulting organization. He can be reached at

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