The Coming Travails — Big Time Ones!

One of my friends, who is a domestic conservative/constitutionalist in the USA, wrote me concerning starvation in South Sudan: Then, maybe they should be taught about birth control, and make it. Otherwise they are gonna f*ck us all. So no food for idiots who have been vital like this for centuries. And now, we feed them so they can procreate. Same with others here in USA, they have babies and it is the problem, not theirs. Sorry to be harsh, but that is what the environmentalists wish anyway.

After some reflection, he combined in another email that we need to give the people, who are starving in other countries, collection to farm. He felt that this was a better option (as do we under auspicious circumstances) than gift food.

I responded to him with the following explanation and enclosed that we am an environmentalist! we shared:

Look … plantation collection are of no relief when there is miss of water, swelling desertification and poor, overspent soil. Add on weird weather patterns and 120 grade F. temps.

What and who can tarry in these conditions? Try tillage in the Sahara Desert or in the times brazen for USA. … Remember all of the airport runways melting and plastic rubbish cans bend into fiery melted ooze in Arizona? Could we set up farms there by giving tools, believe of tillage techniques and seeds?

You consider that we DON’T already have an overpopulation problem in the USA given the coming timorous apparatus bottom (including food associated to agriculture) and deglobalization due to lacks in hoary fuels for large travel efforts associated to globalization of products and other factors in times to come? So let’s demeanour at the associated experimental contribution block in the eye. Stare deeply and perhaps,“…  if you gawk prolonged into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you” – F. Nietzsche

In the northern hemisphere, people will try to come north. In the southern counterpart, they will try to go south. … Goodness knows about what the race distance will be by then as people try to shun failing mid-zones, and in this country, too. … They will be like a zombie store pillaging to stay alive on their travels. … Yeah, the die-off is coming, but not before much of the Earth is poofed divided into deserts and dead-zone, including in the USA. … and we suspicion that the Dust Bowl was bad? Ha — just wait.

Lifted from:

Drought and New Deserts by 2060: Most of Mexico, Central America ……/drought-and-new-deserts-by-2060-most-of-mexico-central…

Nov 1, 2012 – By Stephen Leahy UXBRIDGE, Canada, May 22, 2012 (Tierramérica) Mexico and Central America demeanour like they are covered in dusty blood on maps raised … HomeDrought and New Deserts by 2060: Most of Mexico, Central America and half of US … Projected drought and dry regions in 2060-2069 …


Desertification Threat – Desertification Threat | HowStuffWorks › … › Climate Weather › Atmospheric Science

For example, desertification is a appearing predicament in Africa where almost 70 percent of the continent is dull or semi-arid land. More than 30 percent of North America is comprised of dull or semi-arid lands, with about 40 percent of the continental United States at risk for desertification [source: U.N.].

Phoenix Dust Storm: Video of Doomsday Scenes in Arizona – YouTube

▶ 1:42

Jul 6, 2011 – Uploaded by RT

These extraordinary pictures from the United States show a wall of dust moving by the city of Phoenix …

One of my favorite NGO’s to which we have intermittently donated is:

Heifer International | Charity Ending Hunger And Poverty

Heifer International is a gift classification operative to finish craving and misery around the universe by providing stock and training to struggling communities.

Heifer International – Wikipedia

Heifer International is a global nonprofit operative to eliminate misery and craving by sustainable, values-based holistic village development. Heifer distributes animals, along with rural and values-based training, to families in need around the universe as a means of providing self-sufficiency. Recipients must …

Here’s my problem with it:

1., There has to be sufficient peculiarity dirt and water to farm. Otherwise plantation tools, seeds and animals donated to get people off of gift food is to no avail.

2., What about the weather … and the climate? What can grow at too high temperatures? What can grow when there are floods and droughts, as good as weird heat fluctuations? Can anything tarry when temperatures hit past 105 degrees F. and plants shrivel in the fields, forests and meadows (which is a cautionary matter about where transition towns should be built given all is for nought, including tough work, if put together in a “bad” region).

The terms transition town, transition beginning and transition indication impute to grassroot village projects that aim to boost confidence to revoke the intensity effects of arise oil, meridian destruction, and mercantile instability. – From Transition city – Wikipedia

3., What about crop and furious plant pollinators? They are disappearing. So what can be used in their stead? Nothing apparently unless one has a little paintbrush and pollinates any flower in a margin or a tree by hand.

Colony Collapse Disorder | Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators from …

Apr 18, 2017 – Colony Collapse Disorder is the materialisation that occurs when the infancy of worker bees in a cluster disappear and leave behind a queen, copiousness of food and a few helper bees to caring for the remaining juvenile bees and the queen. Once suspicion to poise a major prolonged term hazard to bees, reported cases …

4., There can be no attempts to commence tillage to feed people in locations wherein there is domestic or social instability. South Sudan, Rwanda and Palestinian locations yield ideal examples of failure. … If people are unfortunate for food, some of them will kill you for your land and/or rural gains much of the time.

Why, they will even raid you even if not unfortunate just so that they can get a gain. we know this for a fact privately as a next doorway neighbor many times raided my food garden in the dim at night for my vegetables– the ones that my daughter and we worked tough to grow.

I let her but acknowledging her thieving actions finished in the dim of night with a flashlight, nor with opposed her. When face to face with her, we simulated that it wasn’t happening. After all, she was failing from depot cancer and we had no clever need to fight for receipt of all that she had garnered from my and my daughter’s tough toil.

I would have, of course, felt differently were this garden the only source of food that my daughter and we had to stay alive. we would have rationalized that she were failing and there is not adequate in the rural patch for the 3 of us. So be it.

Some piece indispensable to stay alive can only be divided among only so many  before the multiplication becomes incomprehensible either involving food, water, or other necessities. However, my daughter and we could means to be free formed on the gardening work given we weren’t in apocalyptic straits.

Given other resources as mentioned, we would have close her off from raiding my garden if it became a choice between ancillary a depot failing lady and my immature daughter having food. How could we have a choice differently when faced between assisting this near-stranger, who is in the throngs of dying, or my daughter?

In a identical consideration, we consternation about the way that there can be a transition city wherein zero environmentally and in terms of race series is understanding to do so. Why give tools, seeds and plantation animals to people in locations that can't support their existence? Can anyone really suppose a plantation plan with many adverse conditions heading to an positive failure? …

Most people are so stuck, at slightest in the USA, in the stream complement of shopaholic syndrome and the fight mongering for resources opposite the universe that they seem defence to the appearing horrors when temperatures rise, oceans arise and land becomes passed to be incompetent to support life. Yet this being the case does not annul us one bit from essay hard  o find ways toward improvement.

All the same, we will be partial of the problem rather than the solution unless we are very clever in preference of locations wherein we essay to bring an editing and change in human behaviors. One has to collect with caring even yet it is tough to presumably leave behind people and other life that can’t be helped in their stream plights.

I schooled about triage in first assist training. we come opposite an collision and go for the center group. we omit the ones who will tarry despite broken skeleton , etc., and their pleas for my help. we omit the ones who will likely die either we describe assist or not. we work on the people who would die but my aid. So we have to be calculating while assessing all who are harmed in some accident.

I did once save a man in a caring accident. we know about the grade that assessments are hard. They take a formidable romantic fee that lingers for many days later-on. One takes the assessments, anyway, and then works like ruin with shut-off emotions and a mind only set to follow the manners that one schooled in first assist training as if one is a robot. … One can’t means the oppulance of feeling fear, a clarity of panic, dismay or anything else that will block the bid to support life and the training coming to the forehead to capacitate one’s actions to be at their best. (It is extraordinary that one can drive all sorts of believe out of oneself when alarmed, even hardly remembered information. It is extraordinary that we can cut off dysfunctional romantic responses when they block one’s direly indispensable intentions.)

Meanwhile people are very difficult beings in many other opposite ways. For example, the new neighbor, who bought the residence after the lady who died from cancer actually did die, had her whole roof rebuilt after a tiny bend of a tree feel on her roof during a meridian change prompted breeze charge of some magnitude. In other words, she scammed the insurance company to reconstruct her whole roof.

This same lady took in a wandering starving kitten that came to me looking for food. She took it to her oldster use and tended her until adopted.

She also was very clever not to destroy or mistreat my baby skunks, which were innate under my cupboard and who’d spin deserted by their mom so we became the surrogate. Well, at slightest they suspicion that we was so given we gave them cat food and water to stay alive.

So, I’d scream at them to go divided as they wanted to mount all over me and cuddle while coming away or in a group. “No, no,” I’d scream given we can’t have them guileless any humans, nor members of any other species. we generally didn’t wanted them to trust someone like my other next doorway neighbor, Bill, who wanted to eliminate them all and who blamed them for his residence sale not going consummate until it eventually did so (as if furious little skunks temporarily next doorway would block his home sale).

How loony is that vision? However, he dumbfounded me so much with his murder speak (as if they belonged in an animal murder stay to be gassed to death) that we called the animal control dialect of my city and asked either he could have this movement finished — their being dull up and killed as a bother to his skill sale. … Nope, so now it is just between him and me in contesting, and we had to put him in his place to leave my skunk babies alone, but we did it in an surreptitious and pleasantly way. Yet, we would have amped it up if we had to do so in tinge and tongue given the same incentive that caused me to save a man’s life is the same in insurance of my skunks.

It is support of life. Period!

In any case, people need to be clever when they try to start transition towns, create life’s avail and lift furious skunks or other creatures like my 4 sets of furious anguish doves that had babies two feet from a window of my home in a uninterrupted sequence in Ponderosa hunger nest. And what a steer this last open and summer they done while feeding, cuddling, training to fly and so on!

All the same, infrequently conditions just aren’t auspicious for furtherance. Yet we can factually infer that infrequently they are if you learn to mount against adversity! The man vital due to my first assist ministrations, my skunks staying alive until they diluted like the breeze out of my yard and other examples demonstrate to this state being so!

I’ll be frank. In the end, we do not wish to be a guardian of life. I’m sleepy of fighting the mainstream meditative patterns. Yet we take them selectively on and as strongly as we can. we have no choice, but to take a clever position given my structure as a human.

I’d like a pleasing basic life given I’m in my sixties now. Well ,there is no way, apparently, that this soft unfolding is going to take place. Too much is still wrong for my not being concerned and being a clever warrior like my somewhat older sister described here:The Good Sister, A Model For US All!.

Unlike my former neighbor, Bill, we have no remorse to commence counsel massacre on a infrequent basis. However, we AM peaceful to kill even another human if need be. … It’s a sincerely new position for me: Pacifism (???)

However, he and we are opposite in the ways and reasons for which we would go about it. He used pesticides on his lawn to kill grubs and weeds. They. in turn, went into the water supply. So now my neighbors splash the slop, along with high levels of  chlorine and other chemicals, as good as fecal element in the water supply. (I splash open water from Maine and give this open water to my cat. We can’t splash unwholesome rubbish — period!)

Anyway and back to the categorical gist: Over all people need to be realistic. Pigs can’t fly and conjunction can projects whose timing or locations aren’t right.

For example, one needs a receptive open to set up transition towns unless their growth is very light and spends lots of time in the formulation stages. The regions in which they are dictated to exist have to be researched given they are not viable in any place wherein the environmental and/or informative backdrop won’t support them.

The same arrange of meditative relates to any other arrange of bid in which one seeks to be engaged. There is no clarity in chasing any cursed to destroy goal (unless as a use run) and every reason to essay to bring a beneficial, constructive bid into delight when resources and conditions preference its development. Otherwise there is a handicapped and ineffectual way brazen just as giving collection and seeds to people in South Sudan would be.

So let’s try to immigrate the people there, whose segment is undergoing ecological collapse. Let’s learn about and yield birth control measures and, by all means, let’s show some care toward these and other people, who by no error of their own, got innate into a raw, hazardous and unsafe understanding for their lives.

These “others” are not so opposite from us regardless of the way that we brand an “us”. … we saw a dim skinned Islamic mom caring for her own children and a white skinned, deserted baby whom she scooped up on the side of the highway while she and her family were movement to a retreat stay in Somalia.

She had every goal of gripping the child alive and desired him. One could tell this were so from examination her correlate with him. Indeed, one could see that she loving him as much as she desired the ones, her other children, subsequent from her having birthing them.

I saw this happening in a news report. So we will repeat: Let’s try to serve life (as this lady is doing), but let’s just be clever about the ways that we try to support the intense intentions or else all is for unsteadiness and nought.

Sally Dugman is a author in MA, USA.

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