7 practical quotes that strew light on how Mark and Tiffany Cuban make matrimony work

Mark Cuban Tiffany wifeTiffany Cuban pronounced she avoids sitting with her husband, Mark Cuban, during Mavs games.Kevin Winter / Getty Images

• Mark and Tiffany Cuban may be worth billions, but their attribute is low-key and, for the many part, out of the spotlight.

• The “Shark Tank” star and the former promotion executive first met at the gym in 1997.

• Their own difference help to paint a picture of their marriage, from their truth on parenthood to Tiffany’s miss of unrestrained over her husband’s domestic ambitions.

“Shark Tank” star and Dallas Mavericks owners Mark Cuban and his wife Tiffany are worth billions, but their meet-cute story is refreshingly relatable.

The businessman and the former promotion executive met at the gym in 1997. They antiquated for years, and eventually marry in 2002 in an insinuate rite in Barbados.

The Cubans are now worth $3.3 billion, according to Forbes, and have 3 children.

Here are a few quotes that succinctly illustrate their practical matrimony of 15 years:

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