CITY DIARY: Ad boss Johnny Hornby’ Christmas drinks

The dishonourable Mr Deedes


Drinky poos: Advertising boss Johnny Hornby

Drinky poos: Advertising boss Johnny Hornby

Drinky poos: Advertising boss Johnny Hornby

Boyish promotion boss Johnny Hornby, 50, hosted his Christmas drinks in Mayfair’s chi-chi Mark’s Club this week, where guest enclosed severe solid Crystal Palace owners Steve Parish, 52, reality TV Z-lister Trinny Woodall, 53, and ITV birdbrain Robert Peston, 57. 

Also in attendance, posing for selfies: Lord Mandelson, 64, who as first secretary was once accustomed to schmoozing with universe leaders and FTSE 100 bosses. 

Suddenly, I’m reminded of producer Ernest Dowson’s vivid line: ‘They are not long, the days of booze and roses…’

Standard Chartered’s £3.4million-a-year boss Bill Winters, 56, whinges to the BBC about Brexit, yet admits: ‘It is not the misfortune thing that’s happened to Standard Chartered in the past 10 years.’ Indeed not. 

That’ll be the £300million excellent for breaching US sanctions on Iran. Or presumably the £180million excellent for unwell to urge money-laundering controls. 

Or maybe the links to South Africa’s unpleasant Gupta family…

Ex-Barclays arch Bob Diamond’s venerable daughter Nell, 27, posts a picture on social media showing her and pals getting ear piercings. 

Couldn’t she convince her old man to take the plunge? Hip-hop partner Bob’s experimented with a crewcut and a fashionable brave this year.

Sad moment for Chelsea Building Society, which has been shortening its participation given merging with Yorkshire Building Society in 2010. 

The multitude is shutting its bend outward Chelsea football ground, leaving it but a foothold in the area for the first time given 1875.

US sidestep fund titan Paul Tudor Jones, who’s worth £4billion, defends his support for porcine sex harassment Harvey Weinstein. 

Tudor Jones, 63, who emailed Weinstein that the liaison surrounding him ‘will go divided earlier than you think’, now informs staff: ‘Harvey was a crony we believed too prolonged and shielded too long.’ Sounds a lovely specimen, doesn’t he?

Wall Street’s a hotbed of amour at the moment, what with the markets still digesting Donald Trump’s taxation reforms.

There’s also heated conjecture over the Murdochs’ seismic sale of 21st Century Fox to Disney. I’m roosting there all next week and can’t wait to report on all the comings and goings.

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