Could the new digital debt lenders you’ve never listened make it easier and cheaper to get on the skill ladder?

IT’S easy for residence hunters to get impressed when it comes to getting a mortgage.

But with the arise of digital only banks, like Atom Bank, Revolut and Starling you no longer have to only rest on ones on the high street to get you the best rates.

 Atom Bank offers rival rates on mortgages
Atom Bank offers rival rates on mortgages

We’ve already reported that putting your assets in a bank that you’ve never listened of could actually earn you money.

Now digital banks are moving into the universe of lending money, privately mortgages. But are they any good?

What is a digital bank?

A digital bank delivers its services online, possibly by a website or mostly by an app.

They’re opposite to online banking which is a service charity by high street banks where business can entrance some of the services at home or on the go.

Unlike a high street bank, they don’t have any branches and they promulgate with business by the app.

Revolut, Starling, Atom Bank and Monzo are some of the better famous digital banks and are stable by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Can we get a debt from a digital lender and what are the benefits?

At the moment, it’s only start-up Atom bank who’s means to lend mortgages, by their Digital Mortgages scheme.

Starling told us it’s something they’re anticipating to offer in the “immediate” future, while Revolut is looking to pierce that way too.

They offer residential and business mortgages, up to £300,000 for first time buyers and they’ll remortgage your home too, theme to assembly the criteria.

 Last year Atom charity the lowest debt rate but private it after 9 days
Last year Atom charity the lowest debt rate but private it after 9 days

Last year, Atom was means to offer Britain’s lowest ever debt understanding but were forced to repel it after just 9 days.

The 5 year understanding was accessible to people who had a 40 per cent deposit. The seductiveness rate was 1.29 per cent.

At the time, debt consultant pronounced that it was as good as rates charity by high street banks that were sealed in for only two years.

“Digital debt lenders are not compelled by the same bequest design that hampers the some-more established, high-street banks since they’ve only been around for a few years rather than hundreds,” explains Ishaan Mahli, the smarts behind digital debt attorney Trussle.

GETTING on the skill ladder can feel like a grave charge but there are schemes out there to help first-time buyers own their own home.

Help to Buy ISA – It’s a tax-free assets comment where for every £200 you save, the supervision will supplement an additional £50. But there’s a extent limit of £3,000 which is paid to your barrister when you move.

Help to Buy equity loan – The supervision will lend you up to 20 per cent of the home’s value – or 40 per cent in London – after you’ve put down a 5 per cent deposit. The loan is on top of a normal debt but it can only be used to buy a new build property.

Lifetime ISA – Another supervision scheme that gives anyone aged 18 and 39 the possibility to save tax-free and get a reward of up to £32,000 towards your first home. You can save up to £4,000 a year and the supervision will supplement 25 per cent on top.

Shared ownership – Co-owning with a housing organisation means you can buy a partial of the skill and compensate lease on the remaining amount. You can buy anything from 25 to 75 per cent of the skill but you’re singular to specific ones.

“First dibs” in London – London Mayor Sadiq Khan is operative on a scheme that will shorten sales of all new-build homes in the collateral up to £350,000 to UK buyers for 3 months before any abroad selling can take place.

Starter Home Initiative – A supervision scheme that will see 200,000 new-build homes in England to be sole to first-time buyers with a 20 per cent bonus by 2020. To accept updates on the swell of these homes you can register your seductiveness here.

“As a result, they are means to build some-more fit systems and work at a reduce cost, flitting these efficiencies on to consumers in the form of cheaper rates.”

What are the downsides of getting a debt from a digital lender?

Unfortunately, Atom had to pulled that sold debt after only 9 days.

Whilst this isn’t surprising for banks to do this – singular low rates are mostly charity to tie you in – it is something that’s is some-more likely to occur at a smaller one.

Ishaan explains: “The premonition is that challenger banks like Atom are just starting out and can’t fund the volume of mortgages that much incomparable banks and building societies can, generally when charity such rival rates.”

Is it easier to get a mortgage?

When it comes to getting on the skill ladder, you can possibly compensate for a debt attorney to help you find the best deals or you can go it alone.

Whilst there are digital debt brokers like Trussle and Habito charity you free and tailored advice, you can also speak to your bank’s debt confidant for free too.

Of course, you’re still theme to credentials and credit checks by the banks before they dedicate to lending you any money.

With Atom bank, you’re subjected to the same checks, so even if you find a good rate you competence not be means to get it.

Finance consultant Andrew Hagger reckons there’s no problems borrowing from the digital bank.

He says: “Atom Bank is entirely regulated so there are no issues with borrowing from them.

LOOKING to get on the skill ladder? Here’s some recommendation from the MoneyAdviceService to help you get a mortgage: 

Talk to your bank – A mortgage confidant at your bank is customarily free but they’ll only tell you about their own offers.

Choose the right attorney for you – Some brokers are tied to specific lenders, some demeanour at deals from a specific list of lenders and some demeanour at the whole market. The imagination come at a price, as some brokers can charge up to £500 for the service, which will eat into the cost of moving.

Check comparison sites – They’re a good starting indicate but bear in mind they may have deals with specific lenders and they may be some-more likly to pull those deals that competence not indispensably be the right one for you.

You can go it alone – But if you do select to go with a attorney then you’re stable by the Financial Ombudsman if things go wrong after down the line.

“As we know it at benefaction they only offer their mortgages around a attorney – so first step is to find a broker.”

Atom has a prolonged list of brokers on it’s website but distinct a high street bank, you can lane you focus swell around the Atom app, definition you’ll know accurately when it’s authorized – or rejected.

Andrew also recommends using a digital debt attorney to help you along the digital process.

He says: “There will be a lot of the routine carried out online or around an app, but you’ll always have the event of speaking to a human being.

“This is essential for many people when endeavour the largest financial transaction of their lives – they need that personal voice of reassurance.”

House hunters can now find out what the best mortgage deals are on offer to them by chatting to a Facebook bot.

Digital debt brokers Nuvo has launched an programmed chatbot on Facebook Messenger directed at giving recommendation to people looking for a mortgage.

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