The dark cost of "driving while female"

A major consumer organisation contends that women compensate some-more in automobile insurance just to get behind the wheel, ruinous a common civic parable that men face aloft premiums.

And infrequently the cost is a lot more. In 38 instances, women with ideal pushing annals were charged at slightest $100 some-more per year than their male counterparts, according to a study by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), which compared automobile insurance premiums for men and women in 10 big cities opposite the U.S.

The study looked at 6 major insurers: Allstate (ALL), Farmers, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Progressive (PGR) and State Farm. It found that in 6 instances, field for automobile insurance faced premiums of at slightest $500 some-more only given they were “driving while female,” the study said.

“Insurance companies retaliate womanlike drivers with ideal annals distant some-more mostly than men,” pronounced CFA insurance consultant Douglas Heller. “Regulators should recur permitting companies to continue using it at all.”


Ironically, twice as many people trust insurers charge men some-more for automobile coverage than women, according to the CFA survey. But that’s wrong.

CFA researchers compared 165 pairs of insurance quotes for men and women and found that 40-year-old women were the many likely to be charged some-more than men, while 60-year-old women were also “penalized some-more often, confronting aloft premiums than their male counterparts” in scarcely 60 percent of the cases where gender was a factor.

“It is widely believed that male drivers, generally immature male drivers, means some-more and costlier accidents,” pronounced CFA executive of insurance Robert Hunter. “State insurance commissioners should insist that automobile insurers explain given they customarily charge prime and older women aloft rates than men.”

Even younger women are charged some-more in certain instances, CFA found. The nation’s second-largest automobile insurer, GEICO, charged womanlike drivers aloft premiums 83 percent of the time, with surcharges averaging $176 annually, including normal penalties of $143 for immature females 20 years old, compared to males of the same age, according to the CFA.

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The CFA combined a “good motorist profile” of both a man and a lady at opposite ages, who any gathering a 2007 Toyota Camry and had no tickets or moving violations. Then it looked for quotes in 10 cities trimming from Seattle to Tampa. “What we found was a shocker,” pronounced the CFA’s Hunter. “How can GEICO contend a lady is a $1,000 aloft risk given she moves from Cleveland to Tampa? She’s the same person.”

Hunter pronounced the computerized rating methodology used by insurers was delivering weird results. “They keep putting some-more contribution into the appurtenance and not examination what comes out,” he said. “It’s rubbish output.” Instead, state regulators need to rise their own models for rating people, given almost everybody in the U.S. has to have automobile insurance.

Insurers doubtful the CFA’s conclusions, nonetheless not indispensably its findings. “Gender and pushing record are only two of the countless variables an automobile insurer assesses,” pronounced orator Michael Barry of the Insurance Information Institute (III), which represents the automobile insurers. “And state insurance regulators insist that these variables be justified.”

Vice President David Snyder of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, echoed Barry’s comments. “In every state, insurance companies are already theme to law to safeguard that rates consumers compensate accurately simulate the odds of someone having an collision or filing a claim,” Snyder said. “Factors such as pushing experience, claims history, age, gender and marital standing are widely supposed and authorized by state regulators given they are accurate predictors of future losses.”

Nearly every study ever finished has shown that men are some-more likely to be concerned in accidents than women. Some bring the fact that men are behind the circle for 60 percent of all miles driven, others indicate to the forms of vehicles men drive and that some-more mostly than women they drive while intoxicated. According to, 71 percent of all automobile collision associated deaths in a new year concerned males.

Hunter pronounced some women were now pushing “more aggressively,” but that wouldn’t explain the outrageous inconsistency in cost of automobile insurance that this study showed. For example, GEICO charged women 83 percent more, while Progressive charged 60 percent more. In contrast, Allstate, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual charged men more. State Farm had probably no inconsistency in ratings so typically did not charge opposite premiums for women and men, with the difference of younger males. 

The insurers’ answer to the fact that rates change by gender is simple: “Shop around for a better deal,” III’s Barry said.

“The CFA seems to burst to the end that differences in rates among companies should not exist,” Snyder said. “To the contrary, this is the symbol of a rival market.”  

The CFA study focused on receiving “quotes” for automobile insurance, which is a prolonged way from purchasing a policy. It’s easier to distortion to a mechanism than to find genuine coverage, given the applicant then must contention a Social Security series and concede the insurer to demeanour into his or her real driving record, education, pursuit and credit history. The CFA study, which may show a change in the way insurers demeanour at women drivers, is only partial of the story.

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