17 Firearms and a Half-Million Dollars Seized as 13 People Indicted for Trafficking Hundreds of Pounds of Cocaine


OHIO — Thirteen people, many from Stark County, were charged in an 80-count sovereign complaint for bringing hundreds of pounds of heroin into Northern Ohio and selling it in Massillon, Canton and via the region, as good as additional firearms and drug charges, law coercion officials said.

Law coercion agents seized 17 firearms, scarcely 1,500 rounds of ammunition, approximately $592,579 in cash, some-more than 13 kilograms of cocaine, some-more than 22 kilograms of pot as good as heroin and clear methamphetamine as partial of the investigation.

Named in the complaint are: Apolinar Meraz-Magana, 55, of Massillon; Ignacio Cuevas-Gutierrez, 33, of Massillon; Jose Luis Martinez-Maldonado, 26, of Canton; Manuel Sarmiento Ibarra, 40, of Canton; Jonathan Quezada, 22, of Sterling; Juan Ramon Mora-Hurtado, 29, of Massillon; Karla Hernandez-Salazar, 30, of Massillon; Juan Benito Caro-Silva, 23, of Massillon; Phillip Blough, 28, of Smithville; Stamontae Sanders, 25, of Canton; Mark Momie, 51, of Canton; Celestino Penalosa, 30, of Orrville, and Dave McClellan. 43, of Massillon.

Salazar, Silva, Sanders, Maldonado, Quezada, Penalosa, Momie, McClellan and Blough conspired to possesses approximately 550 pounds of heroin from Oct by Nov 2017. Salazar and Silva obtained the heroin and distributed it to Sanders, Maldonado, Quezada, Penalosa, Momie, McClellan and Blough, who in spin sole the heroin to business via Ohio, according to the indictment.

Blough was charged with possession of a firearm in avail of drug trafficking. Salazar, Silva and Quezada were also charged with being aliens in possession of firearms and/or ammunition.

Magana, Gutierrez, Maldonado, Quezada, Hurtado and Ibarra conspired to possess some-more than 110 pounds of heroin from Apr by Sep 2017. Magana and Gutierrez obtained the heroin from suppliers and in spin distributed it to Maldonado, Ibarra, Quezada and Hurtado, who sole it to several business via Ohio, according to the indictment.

Magana was also charged with being an visitor in possession of firearms and ammunition, possession of a firearm in avail of drug trafficking, possession with vigilant to discharge methamphetamine, possession with vigilant to discharge marijuana, possession with vigilant to discharge heroin, and other violations.

“One only needs to demeanour at the firearms, cash and volume of drugs compared with this organisation to know the hazard they poise to the community,” pronounced U.S. Attorney Justin E. Herdman. “Getting these defendants off the streets will save lives.”

FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony said: “This organisation of people brought poison and risk to the neighborhoods. This is nonetheless another instance of law enforcement’s collaborative efforts to interrupt and absolved aroused drug traffic groups from the streets.”

“These arrests are the next proviso of a formidable examination that spans mixed agencies and jurisdictions,” settled Trevor Velinor, Special Agent in Charge of ATF’s Columbus Field Division. “The ultimate idea is to make Canton and the surrounding communities safer for everyone, and ATF will continue to work with the partners to that end.”

“The complaint of thirteen people is poignant and an denote that heroin is still a hazard to Northern Ohio,” pronounced DEA Special Agent in Charge Timothy Plancon. “Dismantling the activities of a large-scale, gun toting, heroin classification is a feat for the village and was achieved by poignant mild efforts of countless local, state, and sovereign law coercion agencies.”

Medway Director Don Hall said: “This was just another superb instance of law coercion agencies at all levels collaborating and being means to idle a poignant drug trafficking classification that had a very clever change in not only Stark and Wayne Counties but in Northeast Ohio. In one residence alone in Wayne County when you seize eight pounds of clear meth, 22 pounds of cocaine, $100,000 cash and weapons, that puts a hole in what gets distributed down the line to the internal cities and villages in Wayne County.”

“It is vicious for law coercion to say the local/federal partnership that continues to be very effective in the detain and charge of those that means so much drop to the community,” Canton Police Chief Bruce Lawver said.

If convicted, a defendant’s judgment will be dynamic by the Court after examination of factors singular to this case, including the defendant’s before rapist record, if any, the defendant’s role in the offense and the characteristics of the violations. In all cases, the judgment will not surpass the orthodox limit and, in many cases, it will be reduction than the maximum.

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