Bronx after-school worker cuffed in purported rape after phone call

An after-school worker was destitute for raping a 13-year-old Bronx tyro after he was held making ban statements in a phone call set up by police, sources pronounced Thursday.

Michael Jenkins, 24, was speaking to his victim on a line monitored by cops when he voiced regard that he could be jailed for his unlawful assignation with the immature girl from Angelo Patri Middle School, sources said.

The think also wondered aloud either he could trust her, sources said.

Unbeknownst to Jenkins, officers from the Bronx Special Victims section were watchful outward his home in the shade of Yankee Stadium Wednesday night.

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The officers changed in after the call, knocking on the doorway and cuffing Jenkins as shortly as he stepped outside, sources said.

Jenkins, an employee of the nonprofit East Side Settlement House, was approaching to be arraigned after Thursday on several charges including rape.

“The particular was immediately dangling but compensate and he is no longer available in any schools,” pronounced City Hall mouthpiece Olivia Lapeyrolerie.

Lapeyrolerie combined that the city has dangling appropriation for the program as it investigates the incident.

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East Side Settlement House did not immediately return a ask for comment.

Jenkins had 3 before arrests associated to marijuana, sources said.

He had perceived clearances to work inside schools from the city and state agencies that manage credentials checks, officials said.

Sources pronounced Jenkins and the immature girl exchanged content messages on Sunday to set up the rendezvous, police sources said.

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The devise called for them to play hooky on Monday and instead meet up at Jenkins’ home on Anderson Ave., sources said.

Michael Jenkins is led from the Bronx Special Victims Squad to executive engagement after being charged with raping a 13-year-old girl after luring her into his house.

Michael Jenkins is led from the Bronx Special Victims Squad to executive engagement after being charged with raping a 13-year-old girl after luring her into his house.

(Vic Nicastro/for New York Daily News)

The victim, who is a member of the nonprofit program that employs Jenkins, met him for sex at 9:30 a.m. Monday, sources said.

The occurrence was reported to police, and two days later, cops organised the ban phone call between Jenkins and the middle-schooler, sources said.

Some relatives pronounced the occurrence has caused them to rethink permitting their children to attend after-school programs at the Fordham Heights school.

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“They should check the backgrounds of all their after school workers,” pronounced Gloria Pagan, 37, whose 11-year-old daughter attends the school.

“I always devoted them. This past week my daughter told me she wanted to attend after school but there’s no way she will now.”

Luiz Perez, the father of an autistic 13-year-old girl, was jarred by the news of Jenkins’ arrest.

“This is crazy,” pronounced Perez, 34. “I suspicion this was a ideal school but now we know you can’t judge a book by its cover.”

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The irritated father pronounced the occurrence done him worry about his daughter’s safety.

“These adults have her certainty and can simply manipulate her,” Perez added. “I competence have to take her out in the next couple of weeks if they don’t understanding with this guy.”

Founded in 1891, the Mott Haven-based East Side House Settlement is one of the city’s oldest nonprofit social service organizations.

It boasts some-more than 600 staffers and an annual bill of some-more than $18 million.

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The nonprofit operates programs at some-more than two dozen schools and other locations opposite the city, with a series of after-school programs, day caring centers and summer stay operations. 

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