Dishwasher films women in restroom using dark dungeon phone

A dishwasher at a Queens bar hid his dungeon phone in the ladies room to spy on business — but was foiled by one of the bar’s regulars who speckled it in a roof vent, cops and prosecutors said.

Hector-Miguel Ramirez-Vargas, a 31-year-old worker at Holy Guacamole on 31st St. at 36th Ave. in Long Island City, certified he set up his dungeon phone camera in the loo when “attractive women” came in, justice papers allege.

Cops held up with Ramirez-Vargas this week, some-more than 3 months after he left from the bar after a lady found his phone in a roof vent, prosecutors said.

Franco Solano, 34, the manager at Holy Guacamole, pronounced one of the bar’s regulars went to the women’s restroom on Aug. 31, saw the camera phone, and asked, “Hey guys, because do you keep that camera in the bathroom?”

One of her friends grabbed the phone and went by the images in the camera, noticing Ramirez-Vargas from his own photos stored on the phone.

Solano called the police, but Ramirez-Vargas done a run for it by a back patio.

“Since that night he never showed up,” he said. “We were revelation the employees, if you see him just call the police.”

The occurrence frightened the lady off from the bar for good, he said.

“They’re unchanging customers. Since that night happened, they never came back and we understand,” Solano lamented. “It’s not us. It’s this man who done a big mistake.”

Cops held up with Ramirez-Vargas on Wednesday, charging him with wrong surveillance.

He told detectives he worked as a deliveryman and dishwasher, according to a rapist complaint.

“When we would see appealing women in the grill we would put my dungeon phone in the women’s lavatory to record them using the lavatory for my own personal pleasure,” he told cops, according to the complaint.

He stays held on $1,500 bond or $3,000 cash bail.

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