Ex-Atlanta Cop Found Guilty of Breaking Man’s Leg Over a Tomato at Walmart

A sovereign jury has convicted former Atlanta Police Department Sergeant Trevor King, of Stockbridge, Georgia, of using irrational force when he arrested a Walmart shopper who the officer wrongfully suspected of shoplifting a tomato. King kick the victim with his police-issue baton, breaking two skeleton in the victim’s leg. The jury also convicted King of essay a fake occurrence report in an try to cover up his wrongdoing.

“Law coercion officers all over the country work tirelessly every day to strengthen the open from violence,” pronounced Acting Attorney General John Gore of the Civil Rights Department. “This suspect disregarded the law and his promise as a police officer when he unjustifiably kick a man with a baton, breaking the man’s leg, since he poorly believed that the man had stolen a tomato. The Department of Justice will continue to strengthen all adults from violations of their inherent right to reserve and security.”

“It is intensely humiliating when a law coercion officer abuses his or her management and the public’s trust,” pronounced David J. LeValley, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta. “The actions of this officer are generally scornful to the immeasurable infancy of those in law coercion who work so tough with firmness and joining within the rapist probity system. The FBI will continue to dedicate poignant resources to examine allegations of open crime involving police officers.”

According to U.S. Attorney Pak, the charges and other justification presented during the trial, Former Sergeant King was operative off-duty as a confidence officer at a Walmart store nearby downtown Atlanta when he celebrated a shopper import a tomato and walk toward the store’s exit. King stopped the victim nearby the doorway and, within seconds, began to strike the victim with an ASP baton. King struck the victim 7 times, breaking two skeleton in the victim’s right leg.

As the victim lay on the Walmart building draining from his injuries, King searched the victim and found a receipt for the tomato in the victim’s bag. The receipt showed that the victim paid for the tomato only mins before King’s attack. King then wrote a fake report to cover up his undue assault. Additionally, King charged the victim with interference a shoplifting review and with assaulting a police officer.

Following emergency medicine at Grady Hospital, the victim was ecstatic to the Fulton County Jail to be held on King’s fraudulent charges. The victim’s rapist charges were eventually discharged by a state prosecutor.

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