Father says adult solicited bare photos of his child on an app

Listen up, creep…

An Ill. father claims an online predator solicited bare photos of his 7-year-old child on the Musical.ly app, according to WGN TV.

Brad Frakes told the opening his daughter perceived messages from a foreigner claiming to be 9 years old asking that she strip for a photo.

The child declined, at which time the determined debase urged her to go into the lavatory and take the photos but her parent’s knowledge.

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“We taught her that if anyone asked her to show herself in ways that she was worried with, that she comes to us and let us know,” Frakes said. “And that’s accurately what she did.”

The girl’s father took screenshots of the sell and posted them on Facebook as a cautionary story to other parents. He wrote in his summary that the app fast incited “from fun, to making me furious.”


Brad Frakes claims his daughter was contacted by an adult posing as a 9-year-old on a low-pitched app requesting bare photos.

(WGN 9 )

“Please, tell your kids to let you know if anyone ever asks them something like this, let them know it’s fine to tell you. It has helped us in this situation,” his summary read.

“If your (SIC) wondering if we called the police, approbation and they have the phone to lift all of the information to lane this person down.”

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Frakes pronounced that conjunction he nor his wife were wakeful users could summary one another on the app.

“We weren’t done wakeful as relatives that they could discuss and do this,” he told the news station. “And predators can strech the kids by this app. We suspicion when we downloaded this app that it was a child accessible app.”

The Daily News reached out to Musical.ly for comment, but did not hear back. They did, however, criticism on the debate to WGN TV.

A orator for the app pronounced that relatives should be using the device-based parental controls to manipulate what their children are doing in the app. They also settled that the app has age-dating software, which prevents users under the age of 12 who sign up with Facebook from accessing it.

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The Batavia Police Department is now questioning this case.

“Essentially, it is in the very early stages of the investigation,” a member of the Batavia Police Department told The News.

“In a case like this what we need to do is accumulate evidence, which you can’t just lift off the phone. We’re just watchful for things to come in.”Batavia Police did not respond to The News’ ask for comment.

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