Feds Deploy Facial Recognition Biometric Technology at JFK Airport

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Deployment assesses the use of biometric record to determine general travelers’ identities at a TSA checkpoint

WASHINGTON— U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced currently the deployment of facial recognition biometric record at one Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at John F. Kennedy International Airport for 30 days. As partial of this technical demonstration, CBP is partnering with TSA to exercise general travelers’ photographs taken at TSA’s Terminal 7 general checkpoint to examination against transport request photographs.

“As we continue to muster technical demonstrations, CBP is assessing the use of biometric record as partial of a future end-to-end process, from check-in to departure, in which travelers use biometrics instead of their boarding pass or ID via the confidence and boarding process,” pronounced John Wagner, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations. “Expanding these demonstrations to the TSA routine is the next step in CBP’s idea of transforming and improving air travel—making it smoother, seamless and some-more fit for travelers—while also enhancing the confidence of the process.”

As in CBP’s stream biometric exit technical demonstrations, CBP will use the moody manifests to build a photo gallery of travelers boarding general flights using travelers’ images from passports, visas, and other transport documents. When travelers on outbound general flights strech the TSA sheet request checking podium, the TSA officer will examination the traveler’s boarding pass and temperament papers in suitability with TSA’s customary handling procedures and will then approach the traveler to a camera placed next to the podium. After capturing the facial image, the traveler will ensue by the TSA confidence checkpoint and to their depart embankment as usual.

CBP will use the facial images for methodical functions only and all images will be deleted within 14 days. CBP and TSA sojourn committed to safeguarding the remoteness of all travelers.

CBP has deployed biometric record at a singular embankment at eight U.S. general airports as partial of the agency’s doing of a biometric exit system. CBP will exercise an integrated biometric entry/exit routine that provides poignant advantages to air transport partners in further to assembly the congressional charge for a biometric exit system.

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